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By Lise Jenkins and Kit Flynn
Lise Jenkins and Kit Flynn The Absentee Gardeners -
Favorite gardening gear. -

Once long ago I fell in love with a Gardena spray nozzle. It had everything I wanted in a short water wand: It was balanced in my hand, the control wheel easily regulated the distance to be covered and the water flow, and it was relatively light weight. Alas, it came with one fault: the plastic control wheel, usually so easy to push with a thumb, would break off after extended use, rendering the nozzle useless.

Over the years it became harder to find this particular nozzle: One day a Google search indicated that Gardena, in its manufacturing wisdom, had stopped making this particular model. I even went to the Gardena website thinking that I could put in wholesale order, all to no avail. Gardena truly had stopped making my beloved spray nozzle.

I turned to Amazon—where else will you find an inexhaustible supple of hose nozzles? Soon six appeared on my doorstep and all were abysmal. Either the water dribbled out or it flowed too heavily, leaving the plants swooshed on the ground. They were also unaccountably heavy. I was miserable, just as one is after a romantic parting of the ways.

This year I found my answer: The new object of my affection is red and it makes watering as enjoyable as watering can be in hot, humid weather. The problem is that there is no name etched or printed on it. Try googling “red hose spray nozzle” and you will not find it. Fortunately I had bought it through Amazon and by going through my account records I finally found it: an Orbit 58995. I feel as though I’m on a blissful second marriage.

My other amour-propre is with my gardening gloves. Now gardening gloves are like shoes: What fits one person is misery to the next. I want lightweight gloves that keep my hands dry, imperative especially when the weather turns chilly. Also, I have to be able to feel the plants. I cannot tell you how many gloves I have tried until I found the Atlas NT370 Nitrile gloves.

They are inexpensive so I can toss them without a twinge of guilt, they last a long time (generally I go through three pairs during the gardening season), and they come in various colors so there’s bound to be a color you’ll find acceptable. They do a good job protecting your hands from almost everything but rose thorns. Best of all, you almost forget that you have on gloves.

My last item on this list is my favorite garden pruning shears that I cannot live without. Always I have bought a new pair at the beginning of the spring garden season. I have bought expensive ones, cheap ones, ones that were guaranteed to remain sharp, ones that top every list as being “The Best Garden Shears Ever Made”—you name it and I have tried it.

I finally found a pair of shears that filled the bill. I’m on my third year and they are still sharp. The only trouble is that they are all black, lacking any identifying mark on them including a name. Note to manufacturers: Please etch your name on your garden products. I have no idea where I found them on the Internet and again, googling “Black garden shears” has been of no help.

Obviously in another couple of years I shall be filled with unrequited love. Until then, I shall persevere in my adoration of my garden shears. Now to find that hose that truly refuses to kink.

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Lise Jenkins and Kit Flynn The Absentee Gardeners Jenkins and Kit Flynn The Absentee Gardeners

Favorite gardening gear. gardening gear.

By Lise Jenkins and Kit Flynn