Yadkin Arts Council to stage ‘Avenue Q’

By Kitsey Burns Harrison - kburns@yadkinripple.com
The Yadkin Arts Council will present the R-rated puppet show “Avenue Q” July 27-29. - Photo courtesy of the Yadkin Arts Council

This summer, the Yadkin Arts Council presents “Avenue Q,” the R-rated puppet show that will make audiences lose their stuffing.

Princeton is an average 21-year-old puppet arriving in New York. He’s just graduated college and taken his first steps into adulthood, but without any skills, experience, or purpose to speak of, he’ll get sidetracked juggling real-life challenges like relationships and Monster-Puppet race relations.

Packed with side-splitting songs like “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “The Internet is for Porn,” “Avenue Q” is lined with heart and with laughs, and is a theatrical event not to be missed. Produced by Yadkin County director Jessie Grant — and the creative team behind recent productions “Guys and Dolls” and “The Addams Family Musical” — and performed in the beautiful Willingham Theater, “Avenue Q” is a musical comedy filled with fun, fancy, and felt that will leave audiences wanting more.

Director Jessie Grant said the show is out of the norm for the Yadkin Arts Council, which usually stages more family-friendly shows. She said, however, that she hopes audiences will give this production a chance and find the humor in it.

“This production is not the new normal at Willingham. It is raunchy and raucous and rude, but what thrills me about ‘Avenue Q’ is that I can hear my father’s uproarious laughter as I review the witty script and reflect on the subject matter,” Grant said.

“The core of ‘Avenue Q’ is sometimes overlooked in favor if its tactics, but it is a universal point and such an important one: growing up is hard, and everything in life (yes, except for death and paying taxes) is only for now. ‘Avenue Q’ reminds us to indulge in the moment and reminds me that even my favorite thing in the world, these spectacular theater performances, are only for now; bright bursts of life and love that will come and go. You can’t truly recreate the same cast, set, props, energy in the same way again. And that makes the experience precious in a bittersweet way. Q’s humor is crass and its puppets will have you splitting at the seams with laughter, but also its message is an invaluable one; I hope you see in it what I did.”

Grant also praised the cast who portrays the puppets in the production.

“Puppetry is not an easy skill and they have picked it up quickly. Directing this show has been an amazing experience and I appreciate the opportunity to work with such talented people,” she said.

The cast features Charlie Kluttz as Princeton; Luke Miller as Trekkie Monster; Zachary Freeman as Rod; Steele Howell as Nicky; Ashley Pearson as Lucy; and Michele Groneck as Christmas Eve.

Performance dates are July 27 and 28 at 7:30p.m and July 29 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $15. For more information, visit www.yadkinarts.org or call 336-679-2941.

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The Yadkin Arts Council will present the R-rated puppet show “Avenue Q” July 27-29.
https://www.yadkinripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_IMG_7535_formatted-1.jpgThe Yadkin Arts Council will present the R-rated puppet show “Avenue Q” July 27-29. Photo courtesy of the Yadkin Arts Council

By Kitsey Burns Harrison