Yadkin Early College: a ‘Grade A’ place to be

By Edgar Zamora - For The Yadkin Ripple
Yadkin Early College National Honor Society students gather. - Photo courtesy of Yadkin Early College

It is no secret just how dedicated the students, staff and parents are at Yadkin Early College High School in Yadkinville. A simple walk through one of its classrooms suffices to witness the magic of the learning which takes place daily on this campus.

“All of our students are challenged with rigorous, engaging lessons that are closely aligned with the state curriculum, taught by highly trained teachers, using the most effective instructional strategies — each day, every day, in every classroom,” said YEC Principal Charles Garrett.

This fall, Yadkin Early College High School was recognized on the North Carolina School Report Card for 2017-2018 as a Grade A school. The NC School Report Card, which is released by the Department of Public Instruction, is a citizen-friendly report of the performance of a school. The report utilizes a formula that factors in schools’ end-of-course test scores, ACT scores, graduation rate and growth status. Yadkin Early College scored highly in all of these areas, with a final composite score of 95.

High marks on the NC Report card are a matter of teamwork and effective leadership at Yadkin Early College. According to Garrett, “Mr. Tracy Kimmer recruited and trained an incredible group of professionals who wholeheartedly believe in the innovative high schools model, and everyone involved in and with this organization are reaping the benefits of their hard work. Even though Mr. Kimmer has left us to provide strong leadership at another county school, the outstanding student achievement that is occurring here is an outflow of the foundation that he established here at Yadkin Early College.”

The pleasure of celebrating Yadkin Early College’s achievements also extends to the parents of YEC students. Lisa Davis, a mother of two YEC students, said, “My family is blessed that both of our daughters attend Yadkin Early College. These scores are a reflection of the hard work of the YEC teachers and students.”

With a foundation cemented upon student-centered learning and family atmosphere, Yadkin Early College is determined to continue its successful academic standing in the eyes of all of its stakeholders. Yadkin Early College is open for applications every spring for all Yadkin County rising freshman. With its mission to improve the lives of all of its students through education, the future looks better than ever.

Edgar Zamora is a teacher of mathematics at Yadkin Early College.

Yadkin Early College National Honor Society students gather.
https://www.yadkinripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/web1_IMG_3119_formatted.jpgYadkin Early College National Honor Society students gather. Photo courtesy of Yadkin Early College

By Edgar Zamora

For The Yadkin Ripple