Blueberries in abundance in Boonville

Fresh picked blueberries at Green Mesa Blueberry Farm in Boonville.

Blueberry products made from the berries at Green Mesa Blueberry Farm in Boonville.

Joey Johnson and Arlene Frazier, owners of the Green Mesa Blueberry Farm in Boonville, show off their blueberry bushes, now full of berries ready for picking.

Blueberry bushes are full of berries ready for picking at Green Mesa Blueberry Farm in Boonville.

Green Mesa Blueberry Farm in Boonville is now open for the season.

BOONVILLE — Just in time to make patriotic red, white and blue desserts for the July 4th holiday, blueberries are now in season.

Green Mesa Farm, located at 3532 Baptist Church Road in Boonville, has two acres of blueberry bushes. The farm is open Monday through Saturday from daylight until dark. Pre-picked gallons of berries are $16 or customers may pick their own for $8 per gallon.

Arlene Frazier and her husband Joey Johnson operate the farm. They began setting out their plants in December of 2002. There are multiple varieties of plants on the farm, Frazier said.

The blueberry season typically lasts four to six weeks, Frazier said, but with dry conditions she said she expects this year’s season to be shorter so those interested in getting some blueberries should visit soon.

Frazier said she also recommends coming early in the day, especially if they are planning to pick themselves.

“Big, fat and blue” is what Frazier said to look for when picking the berries.

The varieties growing on the farm range from a sweet to a more tangy flavor, Frazier said. Her personal favorite variety is called Premier.

“The bushes are pretty, easy to prune, easy to pick and the best tasting ones,” she said. “They’re just about perfect in all categories.”

Frazier said customers coming to pick berries tell her they plan to do a variety of things with them from baking to making jam or just freezing them to enjoy later in the winter.

“A lot of people start eating them as soon as they get them,” Johnson added.

Frazier has her own signature blueberry smoothie recipe she invented. She and Johnson have a portable kitchen they take to area farmers markets and festivals to sell their blueberry smoothies.

“It’s cool and refreshing and very healthy for you,” Frazier said.

The couple also has their own signature line of blueberry products including jam, jelly, salsa, syrup, vinaigrette and blueberry butter. They create custom gift baskets with the products as well.

To order products, visit or email For additional information about the farm, call 336-468-8878.

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