Jonesville Town Council holds quick meeting with low attendance

By Beanie Taylor -

JONESVILLE — Unpleasant weather predictions may have been the cause for the low turnout for the March meeting of the Jonesville Town Council. With an uncomplicated agenda and a lack of resident participation, the first council meeting without a town manager went quickly Monday night.

On last month’s recommendation from the Local Government Commission, the council voted to appoint Brenda Williams as deputy financial officer. Williams is an employee of the town of Jonesville working with Financial Officer and Town Clerk Lynn Trivette. “The LGC recommended we [have a deputy financial officer] in case I’m out,” explained Trivette.

Having a deputy financial officer also should help collect the unpaid taxes that the council voted to have posted. According to North Carolina General Statute 105-369, “any unpaid property taxes after January 5 become a lien against the real property. By law, such tax liens are to be posted at the Town Hall and published as a notice in the local newspaper,” as read by Mayor Gene Pardue.

“It’s something we’ve always done,” stated Council Member Wayne Moore, “and something I think we need to do.”

After Trivette informed the council that the unpaid taxes would be collected until April, the council agreed to move forward with the plan to publish the notice.

The council also decided to move forward with the plan to schedule its budget retreat, which will be held on March 31 from 8 to 10 a.m. to accommodate everyone on the council.

In addition to these quickly-handled issues, the council appointed Regina Adkins of the Hampton Inn to fill a vacancy on the Jonesville Tourism Development Authority left by Debra Clark. Because Clark’s term does not expire until June 30, 2019, it was necessary to fill the position with an individual who is “affiliated with businesses that collect the tax in the town,” according to the state statute that permits the town to assess the occupancy tax. Adkins was recommended by the JTDA.

There were no unexpected reports made by departmental heads.

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By Beanie Taylor