High school pranks get out of hand

By Kitsey Burns Harrison - kburns@s24517.p831.sites.pressdns.com

The end of the school year brings great joy for students, but can also result in minor damage and many hours of clean up for staff when end-0f-year pranks get out of hand.

Yadkin County Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Martin said both Starmount and Forbush High Schools were targeted earlier this week with eggs being thrown at windows and doors, trash cans being turned over and a few minor items broken on school property.

“The kids see that as a senior prank but when you have to spend a lot of hours cleaning that stuff up, it moves from being a senior prank to being vandalism,” Martin said. “Once you start slinging eggs all over stuff and dumping out trash and breaking some things, that is vandalism. It seems like it escalates every year.”

Martin said that law enforcement had been notified of the incidents at both schools.

“I truly believe that a lot of kids don’t mean any harm by it, but then some jump in there and take it to another level and it becomes destructive,” Martin added.

A few items were damaged, Martin said, but no severe property damage occurred.

“There’s nothing that’s going to be really costly to replace. There is, of course, some cost but the biggest cost comes in the hours it takes to clean that stuff up,” Martin said.

An alarm was tripped at one of the schools, Martin reported, which some staff members, as well as law enforcement, responded to.

“We don’t need to be sending people out at 3 o’clock in the morning and law enforcement doesn’t need to be going to the school at 3 o’clock in the morning over something that is completely avoidable,” Martin said.

He said he recommended students avoid coming on to the high school campuses at night and to refrain from any future pranks that could result in possible legal charges.

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By Kitsey Burns Harrison


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