Addresses should be clearly marked for emergency crews

Staff Report

How fast do you want the ambulance to get to your house? How are the law enforcement officers, paramedics and fire department going to find your house? They’ll use your address.

County officials are asking the public to help emergency responders by making sure that their address is clearly posted. A E-911 address is a unique, assigned number that identifies where a property is located, and this is essential for emergency services. Having an address clearly visible allows law enforcement officers, fire and ambulance to find a home quickly if ever needed.

Post the address clearly and prominently at the driveway entrance and on the home. Posting an address at the driveway entrance and on the home will prevent any confusion as to whether emergency responders have the correct location. Try using something reflective or illuminated so that it can be seen in the evening as well as during the day.

If a house is not visible from the road, or is 75 feet or more from the road, post the address clearly at the road. Several local volunteer fire departments have address numbers available for a small fee.

Missing street signs can be reported on the Yadkin County website,, or by calling 336-849-7720. For any addressing questions, call Planning & Development at 336-849-7906.

Staff Report