Ronda Board of Commissioners approves budget for fiscal year 2017-18

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — At the Ronda Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, several changes were discussed including taking a summer break along with most towns in the area.

Skipping the July meetings will give Commissioner Rheajean Benge and consultant Gary Niland time to work on formatting language for procedural policies to be adopted by the board.

These policies as well as the changes in budget procedure are being made in response to the lack of organization for town administration under the previous town clerk.

“We have made such progress here,” said consultant Ron Niland. “I am so proud of where we are versus where we were just two years ago. I’m very confident that [town accountant] Michael [Boaz] and [town clerk] Telsa [Carter] are providing you accurate information.”

Boaz and Carter have been tracking expenses so that they may be placed in specific line items on the budget allowing commissioners to better track spending as well as revenue.

This made it possible for the board to see the town budget in a more understandable way leading to an approval of the 2017-18 fiscal year budget after a public hearing contained within the regular meeting. Although invited to do so, no citizens spoke during the hearing and the budget was passed with no dissension.

The next scheduled meeting for the board will be the work session at 5 p.m. on Aug. 3 with the monthly meeting to take place at 6 p.m. on Aug. 8.

By Beanie Taylor