Elections Tuesday for Yadkinville seats

By Wendy Byerly Wood - wbyerly-wood@elkintribune.com
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Only one municipal election is taking place this year in Yadkin County, since officials in Boonville, East Bend and Jonesville received approval to move their town elections to even years in a cost-saving measure.

Yadkinville town residents will have a chance to vote on mayor and two commissioners seats on Tuesday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Yadkinville Senior Center, 207 E. Hemlock St. No early voting or mail-in absentee ballots were held for this election.

Two candidates have put their name on the ballot for the mayoral race, incumbent Eddie Norman and newcomer Jacob Wagoner.

Sitting commissioners, Chris Matthews and Scott Winebarger, are both running unopposed.

Each candidate has provided information on their campaign and views in an effort for voters to make an informed decision on Election Day.

Voter registration for the 2017 elections ended on Oct. 13.

Name: Thomas E. Norman “Eddie”

Age: 56

Years lived in Yadkinville: 35

Employment: HR Director B&G Foods, Inc.

Education: Associate Arts

Civic organizations (past and/or present), or any leadership responsibilities:

Member of Yadkinville Town Board since 1991

Yadkin County Economic Development Board Member

Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce Board Member

Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce HR Committee Member

Past member Yadkin County Rescue Squad

What challenges do you think Yadkinville faces, and how do you hope to help overcome those:

In my opinion there are two big challenges that the Town of Yadkinville faces:

1. Job growth has become a concern of our area manufactures. The ability to find skilled employees has become a challenge. To attract and maintain a steady supply of available skilled workers, we most focus on increasing the amenities that our Town has to offer as well as to encourage affordable housing to retain our younger population. Yadkinville and Yadkin County have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and we need to grow our workforce.

2. The redevelopment of our Downtown area is a vital link to our sustainability of a small town. The reinvestment in the community will reap substantial rewards as we move forward.

What are the town’s strengths?

1. The people! Our Town is filled with an incredible, diverse, and wonderful population of individuals.

2. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These manufacturing facilities are providing excellent jobs with growth potential.

3. A growing Arts community. John Willingham has created a growing platform for the sustainability of the “Arts” in our community that we have to build upon.

4. A united Town Board that is focused on building and growing our community while enabling the “small town feel”.

5. The employees of the Town of Yadkinville!! This dedicated workforce truly works for the “betterment” of our community.

Why are you seeking a seat on the town board, and what do you think you can bring to the table?

I have been privileged to serve the citizens of Yadkinville as Town Commissioner and more recently as mayor since 1991. I believe the reasoning for my years of serving is wrapped up into one word… Servitude. My father once told me that if you are going to live in a community, you need to be active in that community and to serve that community. I believe that I can make a difference to insure that Yadkinville survives economically, financially, and socially. During my years on the Yadkinville Town Board, we have faced many issues that have been challenging and difficult yet our board has been able to resolve these challenges with a driven approach for resolution in a positive manner. I think that I have demonstrated my abilities to continue to lead this Town and to grow this Town in a positive motion. I have learned through the years that some decisions will not be favorable to some however we must look at the overall picture that brings success to our Town. Being a Mayor or Commissioner is very challenging but yet it can be rewarding as you visualize and create the blueprint for the future.

Any other information you would like voters to know:

A community is made up of its people. Our citizens are a true asset. In addition, I have had the pleasure of serving on the Town Board with an incredible group of individuals. The diverse talent that each sitting board member brings to the table is overwhelming. Our current Planning Board and Board of Adjustments are a true asset to our Town and they have aligned their goals to create a unified vision for our town. Our town’s leadership team is solid and we have the strength and vision to face any obstacle that may stand in our way to insure the success of our town. I also would like to encourage participation from our citizens to attend the Yadkinville Town Board meetings so that they can see firsthand the local government in action. Citizen input is crucial to our success. My goal is to promote transparency in government. We all are accountable.

I would like to invite every citizen in the town to vote on November 7th. Your vote is important to each candidate that is running and to the sustainability of our Town.


Name: Jacob Alexander Wagoner

Age: 32

Years Lived in Yadkinville: Lifelong resident of Yadkin County, Yadkinville last 8 years

Employment: Jacob A. Wagoner Attorney at Law

Education: Starmount High School, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from North Carolina State University, Juris Doctor from Appalachian School of Law

Civic Organizations: Former President of the Yadkin County Bar Association, Current Vice-Chairman Yadkin Branch of North Carolina State Employees Credit Union, Current Program Committee Chair at Yadkin Family YMCA, Currently Master of Yadkinville Masonic Lodge #162

What challenges do you think Yadkinville faces, and how do I hope to help overcome those:

The town of Yadkinville is similar to many other small towns across the state in that overall growth and job creation/retention are areas of concern. I also feel that the town should encourage folks to become involved in their local community. It should be easy for local citizens to become involved and active in politics in their community. This has not been the case in the recent past, as many issues get pushed to closed sessions. I think the general answer on how to overcome these issues is the same for each, more involvement. I think that local government should rely on its community for collective answers to their collective problems and it starts with transparency from the top. I also feel that local business should make every effort to support local businesses.

What are the town’s strengths: The strengths that immediately come to mind are the town’s residents and the town’s geography. Yadkinville is situated in the heart of the beautiful Yadkin Valley, and I have always been very proud to call this area home. The town is very fortunate to be situated between the mountains and the piedmont and should continue to be proud of it’s agricultural heritage. The local town residents are a strong and close knit community, and I feel privileged to have a business in such a wonderful and close knit community. The town also has a great strength in the quality of several of it’s municipal workers and our Yadkinville Police Department consistently stands out as one of the best agencies in the state.

Why are you seeking a seat on the town board, and what do you think you can bring to the table?

I have a career that is based on critical thinking and problem solving. I have also always had an interest in politics. I am seeking a seat on the town board to have an impact on my local community. I enjoy working and volunteering in my local community and feel that as the Mayor of the Town of Yadkinville I could continue to make a positive impact on my local community. One of the main priorities of my job as attorney is to provide my clients with pertinent information so that they can make an informed decision. I feel that the job of Mayor is very similar to this in that the Mayor should ensure that meetings are conducted in a manner that provides the town board with enough information to make informed decisions.

Any other information?

It would be an honor and a pleasure to serve the people of Yadkinville as their Mayor.


Name: Scott E. Winebarger

Age: 50

Years lived in Yadkinville: 22

Employment: Director of Biomedical Services for Health Systems Management

Education: Associates Degree in Electronics from DeVry University

Civic organizations (past and/or present), or any leadership responsibilities:

Current member of Board of Commissioners for the Town of Yadkinville, Active Deacon at Union Grove Baptist Church, Associate Sunday School teacher for 9-12 grade young men, Member of Youth Leadership Team at Union Grove Baptist Church, Past member of Yadkinville Planning Board and Yadkinville Board of Adjustments, Past President of Yadkinville Elementary Sports Club.

What challenges do you think Yadkinville faces, and how do you hope to help overcome those:

One challenge is that the Town needs more high tech jobs which will increase the average house hold income and make the town more desirable for current citizens to stay in town and bring new residents into the area.

Another challenge is to add specialty shopping and dining uptown.

The town needs more diverse activities to keep residents involved in the community.

What are the town’s strengths?

Yadkin Arts Council, Surry Community College Satellite Campus, Unifi Inc., Strong sense of community and caring citizens.

Why are you seeking a seat on the town board, and what do you think you can bring to the table?

As a father of three high school seniors, I would like to make a difference in the town so that they, as well as other young adults, would desire to return to Yadkinville to work and raise a family. I believe I bring a positive outlook for our community, I don’t make hasty decisions and try to look at the overall impact before decisions are made, I still believe in strong moral values and ethical character and I bring experience as a current member of the board.


Name: Christine (Chris) H. Matthews

Age: 60

Years lived in Yadkinville: 17 in Yadkinville city limits, life time Yadkin County resident

Employment: Retired Supervisor at Yadtel, 36 years employed

Education: Attended Forbush High School, Greensboro College and Salem College

Civic organizations (past and/or present), or any leadership responsibilities: Yadkinville Board of Adjustments, Yadkinville Appearance Committee, Yadkinville Long-Range Planning Committee, Yadkinville Town Board of Commissioners since December 2016, Yadkinville Business Women, Yadkinville Civitan, Center United Methodist Women’s Susanna Wesley Circle, Yadkinville Community Building Association Trustees

What challenges do you think Yadkinville faces, and how do you hope to help overcome those:

As a member of the Yadkinville Town Board I will continue to work with the Board, Town Manager, Staff and Mayor to accomplish the goals of our Comprehensive Plan by updating and maintaining an attractive and safe community. We will work on attracting and retaining a variety of businesses and industry to provide employment opportunities. We continue to encourage additional residential development and work on restoring a hospital and health care network for residents.

What are the town’s strengths?

Yadkinville is a small town with charm in a great location. There is a strong sense of community here. We have great schools and public emergency services including Police and Fire Department. There is a wonderful Arts Council that provides entertainment, events and fine dining. We have beautiful parks and recreation facilities in Yadkinville.

Why are you seeking a seat on the town board, and what do you think you can bring to the table?

To continue to serve the needs of the citizens of Yadkinville by understanding the long-term impact of Yadkinville’s development and making sound financial decisions along with the Town Manager, his Staff, Mayor and all of the Town Board concerning the welfare of the Town of Yadkinville and all of its residents.

Any other information you would like voters to know:

Keeping finances in order and using an open minded and impartial approach are a priority of mine. We need to keep Yadkinville growing and prospering and a comfortable place to live for residents of all ages.





By Wendy Byerly Wood