Boonville passes Brunch Bill

By Kitsey Burns Harrison -

BOONVILLE — Boonville was the first town in Yadkin County to pass the new Brunch Bill during its meeting on Nov. 7.

The bill, which allows restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday beginning at 10 a.m. rather than noon, was signed into law on June 30. Town governments, however, must approve the change before it goes into effect. County commissioners must vote to approve the new law for unincorporated areas. The bill applies to alcohol sales in stores as well as restaurants.

Jay Singh, owner of 3Brothers in Boonville, asked the board to consider passing the Brunch Bill to help with sales.

Mike Johnson, owner of Mid-Town Gas n Grill, was not present at the public hearing held regarding the bill, but had contacted the town board in advance to let them know of his support of the bill. Johnson said he would consider extending business hours at the restaurant if the ordinance passed.

The vote was unanimous in favor of the bill.

Town Administrator Sarah Harris said Singh had contacted them to ask if they would approve the bill and she said they were happy to do so in support of small businesses in the town.

Jonesville, East Bend and Yadkinville have yet to vote on the bill.

“I feel sure we would be in more of a hurry to consider it if we had someone who served brunch,” said East Bend Mayor Archie Hicks. “However, passing the brunch bill could provide extra incentive for the right business wanting to come to East Bend.”

The Yadkinville town board discussed the bill in August but decided to table the matter until a business expresses interest in having it passed.

Cindy Shore, who owns Sanders Ridge Winery along with her husband, said she reached out to the county to see if they would be approving the bill so that the on-site restaurant at the winery could begin serving alcohol earlier. Sanders Ridge is not in the city limit of Boonville and therefore would need county approval for the Brunch Bill to be in effect.

She said she received an immediate response that there were no plans to adopt the bill. Shore said she was disappointed in the response, but as the restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. on Sundays, it isn’t a huge effect on their business as diners only have a 30-minute wait before they can order wine to accompany their meal on Sundays.

County Manager Lisa Hughes confirmed that the board has no plans at this time to adopt the Brunch Bill for Yadkin County.

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By Kitsey Burns Harrison