Winter’s last stand

Staff Report
Snow falls in Boonville on March 12. -

All night rain turned to snow this morning and is already causing problems on roadways in Yadkin County. Keith Vestal, Yadkin County emergency services director, reported there were four wrecks in a span of about 10 minutes earlier today due to the snow.

Around 9 a.m. Vestal said things seemed to have calmed down with no additional wrecks reported. He encouraged area residents to stay put and not travel on the roads if at all possible.

“We’re telling everybody if you don’t need to go out, don’t go out,” Vestal said.

He said he had been watching the National Weather Service for updates but the last report indicated around an inch accumulation here and Vestal said that amount has already been exceeded and thick flakes continue to fall this morning.

Continued snow could potentially cause power outages, Vestal said he hopes that won’t be the case but cautioned residents to be prepared for other potential weather-related problems.

Snow falls in Boonville on March 12. falls in Boonville on March 12.

Staff Report