Leaders question why Yadkinville’s name stricken from downtown revitalization appropriations bill

By Kitsey Burns Harrison - kburns@yadkinripple.com

The Town Board of Yadkinville interviewed several candidates to fill the open seat on the board during its Monday evening meeting. Among the candidates are Bryan Southard, Johnny Southard and Jacob Wagoner. One more candidate is slated to be interviewed on April 27 prior to the board’s budget meeting.

Also discussed during Monday’s meeting was signage to be posted on the interstate that would encourage travelers on Hwy 421 to visit Yadkinville. Renting billboards is one option the board discussed. The board will continue discussing options and pricing at its next Long Range Planning meeting.

Perry Williams, town manager, noted during his report to the board that he had spoken with State Senator Joyce Krawiec in regard to grant funds from the state for downtown revitalization.

“She was very nice. I asked her if we needed to write a letter, whatever we needed to try to get the money back to the town of Yadkinville. She told me we needed to talk to our state Representative,” Williams said.

Town lawyer Ben Harding explained that a bill had been passed by the General Assembly, part of an appropriations bill, that designated about ten towns, similiar in size to Yadkinville, for a one time grant of $100,000 per town for downtown development.

“It passed both the Senate and the House, but then the Governor vetoed the general appropriations bill. Our Representative in the House of Representatives is Lee Zachary,” Harding explained. “I think it would be fair to say that the town and Mr. Zachary had a disagreement about zoning some property and it turned out when the bill came back up again, of the 11 towns that were in it the first time, 10 got the $100,000 and Yadkinville did not.”

“We wrote Mr. Zachary asking why Yadkinville’s appropriation was stricken,” Harding continued. “The explanation was it had to do with a project down East but they didn’t reduce pro rata all the 11, they just deleted the appropriation to us so we wrote Mr. Zachary for an explanation about why we were deleted.”

The town received no response from that letter, Mayor Eddie Norman said.

“Then we wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House asking for an explanation about why only Yadkinville was deleted and we’re proceeding with another route with the Senator that represents us to see if she can get it reinstated, but we’ve not got any explanation why Yadkinville, and only Yadkinville, didn’t get this appropriation,” Harding said.

“We believe a line was drawn through Yadkinville’s name when it was submitted,” Norman added.

“We’re concerned that our Representative is not maybe looking after us like we would hope he would,” Harding concluded.

“I would offer an invitation to our House of Representative Mr. Lee Zachary to attend our meeting and to discuss why,” Norman added. “It’s an open invitation.”

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By Kitsey Burns Harrison