Children’s Center joins prevent child abuse North Carolina for Wear Blue Day

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The Children’s Center wears blue for #WearBlueDay. -

DOBSON — On Friday, April 6, Children’s Center joins Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina in Wear Blue Day, a day dedicated to bringing awareness to effective child abuse and neglect prevention efforts.

“Wear Blue Day is a wonderful opportunity to show the impact we can all have on the families and children in our communities,” said Sharon Hirsch, Prevent Child Abuse NC President and CEO. “From public health officials to law enforcement officers to parent advocates, Wear Blue Day is a chance to show the different ways everyone can invest upstream in prevention, no matter who you are. This is about all of us!”

This year, Prevent Child Abuse NC will use Wear Blue Day to highlight ways that people can prevent child abuse by mentoring, donating or becoming advocates in their community.

You can get involved in Wear Blue day by:

– Wearing blue on April 6 and telling people you are participating in a day to highlight the importance of investing upstream in children and families.

– Taking a picture of yourself and your colleagues all dressed in blue and sharing it on your favorite social media platform using the #WearBlueDay hashtag!

– Sharing a story of how you help mentor children, advocate for policies that keep kids safe, or donate time or money to a local child serving organization and inspire others to get involved during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“We encourage everyone in YADKIN COUNTY to check out the hashtag #WearBlueDay on Twitter and Facebook to see how they can get involved during Child Abuse Prevention Month,” said ROBIN TESTERMAN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR from CHILDREN’S CENTER.

“North Carolina spends $2 billion annually in downstream costs, in social services, medical costs, juvenile justice, education, foster care, and more.” said Hirsch. “We know that when we

invest upstream in programs that are built on science, we can strengthen families and help reduce child abuse and neglect.”

For more information on child abuse prevention or to learn more about what you can do to help, visit Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina on the web at

The Children’s Center wears blue for #WearBlueDay. Children’s Center wears blue for #WearBlueDay.

Staff Report