WCC announces spring 2017 president’s, dean’s lists

Staff Report

WILKESBORO — Wilkes Community College recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students through the president’s list and the dean’s list each fall and spring semester.

To qualify for the president’s list, full-time students must achieve a 4.0 grade-point average, complete 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses (excluding credit by examination) and be awarded all “A’s.”

To qualify for the dean’s list, full-time students must complete 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses (excluding credit by examination) and have a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher, with no grade below a “B.”

Surry County

President’s List: Dustin Ray Lovelace, Elkin; Dillon Ray McCann, Elkin; and Jocelin Santos, Elkin.

Dean’s List: Evelyn Arlette Sanchez, Elkin; Kimberly Denise Watkins, Elkin; Charleigh Ann Williams, Mount Airy; and Cory William Wood, Elkin.

Wilkes County

President’s List: Alexander Ward Adams, Wilkesboro; Dustin Edward Adams, Hays; Allie Suzanne Anderson, Moravian Falls; Belinda Ferguson Anderson, Ferguson; Joshua Taylor Benson, Moravian Falls; Joshua Keith Blackburn, Roaring River; Brittany McGlamery Bowman, Moravian Falls; Racheal Lynn Brionez, Wilkesboro; Amanda Chappell Brown, Hays; Seth James Brown, North Wilkesboro; Brandon Keith Burchett, Ronda; Vernon Earl Byrd, Hays; Timothy Lee Call, Roaring River; Noah Brett Childress, Millers Creek; Samantha Ann Church, Millers Creek; Sarah Lynn Church, Millers Creek; Daniel Ryan Cooke, Wilkesboro; Elizabeth Gray Cooke, Wilkesboro; Johanna Copley, North Wilkesboro; Jessica Michele Cordray, Wilkesboro; Laken Nicole Cox, Ronda; Kathryn Rebecca Cross, Wilkesboro; Rosa Angelica Dionicio Mariano, North Wilkesboro; Michael Wayne Eggers, Millers Creek; Emily Elizabeth Farmer, Purlear; Anthony Odell Faw, Wilkesboro; Benjamin Jeremiah Faw, Millers Creek; Joshua Nathaniel Faw, Millers Creek; Arthur Eddie Gentle, Boomer; Stephenie Alana Hamby, Millers Creek; Kasey Lee Harrold, Millers Creek; Aaron Matthew Haymore, North Wilkesboro; Nash Eugene Helms, Traphill; Jamie Marie Higginbotham, Wilkesboro; Patrick Carl Hill, North Wilkesboro; Cassandra May Howell, North Wilkesboro; Jonathan Willis Inman, Wilkesboro; Hollie Caroline Jarvis, Wilkesboro; Joseph Alexander Kamperman, Boomer; Austin Timothy Lane, North Wilkesboro; David Austin Lovette, Roaring River; Yandery Mariela Manzanares, North Wilkesboro; Cody S. Mathis, Roaring River; Heather Nicole McGuire-Richter, Wilkesboro; Kristy Eller Minton, Wilkesboro; Samantha Amber Nickelson, Wilkesboro; Willie Dean Perry, North Wilkesboro; Gregory Daylan Porter, Hays; Laura Nichelle Rector, Hays; Justin Del Reeves, Wilkesboro; Jennifer Brooke Rhodes, North Wilkesboro; Heather Lea Robinson, Millers Creek; Dylan James Roe, Wilkesboro; Devin Ray Roten, Millers Creek; Kristie Hope Royal, North Wilkesboro; Brianna Lea Shelton, Wilkesboro; Kara Denise Shelton, Wilkesboro; Julian Grace Shumate, North Wilkesboro; Randal Dean Shumate, Wilkesboro; Victoria Nicole Smith, Millers Creek; Damian Lee Smithey, Ronda; Archie Lee Staley, Millers Creek; Lisa South Staley, Millers Creek; Derrick Allen Taylor, Wilkesboro; Sierra Shae Tevepaugh, Moravian Falls; Cameron Grant Tribble, North Wilkesboro; Jessica Cleary Tritt, Ronda; Christy Michelle Wagoner, North Wilkesboro; Kayla Riley Wagoner, Roaring River; Tasha Shay Ward, North Wilkesboro; Marvin Caleb Williams, Wilkesboro; Tina Diane Willis, Millers Creek; Stuart Mark Joseph Wilson, Wilkesboro; Jacob Austin Wood, Wilkesboro; Laraye Kilby Wyatt, North Wilkesboro; and Meredith Giles Younce, Millers Creek.

Dean’s List: Evan Walsh Adams, North Wilkesboro; Jayci Rose Alexander, North Wilkesboro; Whitney Cheneille Anderson, Hays; Lindsey Michelle Baldwin, Hays; Rachel M. Bare, Wilkesboro; Nicholas Harlan Beach, Moravian Falls; Brandon Wayne Blankenship, North Wilkesboro; James Dylan Blankley, Ronda; Kaela Paige Bray, Millers Creek; Raymond Daniel Brelsford, North Wilkesboro; Morgan Renee Brooks, Millers Creek; Jarrett Lane Brown, Millers Creek; Marilyn Danielle Brown, McGrady; Christopher Troy Butrick, Wilkesboro; Amanda Nicole Caudill, North Wilkesboro; Kayla Brooke Chipman, Traphill; Melissa Grace Cleary, North Wilkesboro; Kayla Marie Colglazier, Hays; Bethany Leann Critcher, Millers Creek; Dennis Cruz, McGrady; Tonda Lambert Dane, Wilkesboro; Caroline Amelia Daughtry, Roaring River; Tracey Hockett Daughtry, Roaring River; Hope Colette Davis, Wilkesboro; Joshua Lee Denny, North Wilkesboro; Blake Daniel Dillard, Hays; Layvin Allen Ferguson, Millers Creek; Amanda Wilcox Flinchum, North Wilkesboro; Kara Leigh Forester, Wilkesboro; Jacob Lyndsay Greene, Wilkesboro; Steven Dean Griffin, Millers Creek; Amanda Nicole Handy, McGrady; Jerry Nathanael Harris, Purlear; Adam Emmanual Hayworth, Purlear; Ashley Nicole Hill, Hays; Christopher Chance Huffman, Wilkesboro; Jana Davis Inscore, North Wilkesboro; Allison Mara Ivey, North Wilkesboro; Mirella Santiago Izquierdo, Wilkesboro; Vicente Izquierdo, Wilkesboro; Julie Regina Johnson, Ferguson; Nevin Shaughn Johnson, North Wilkesboro; Caleb Richard Johnston, Hays; Bailey Shea Kerley, Moravian Falls; Jeremy David Key, Roaring River; Megan Nicole Knight, Wilkesboro; Danny R. Lane, North Wilkesboro; Rachel Dawn Laprad, North Wilkesboro; Ana’e Desarae Limon, Wilkesboro; Araceli Garcia Martinez, North Wilkesboro; Tamara Nicole Mayes, Wilkesboro; Dylan Michael McCrea, Boomer; Brittany Nicole McNeill, Wilkesboro; Abigail Anne Mitchell, Ferguson; Alexander Elijah Morales, Moravian Falls; Kaitlyn Michelle Mullis, Roaring River; Rachel Jean Muskelley, Wilkesboro; Brittany Dare Oxentine, Boomer; Hunter Daniel Page, Purlear; Logan Walker Page, Ferguson; Jerad Alan Pardo, Millers Creek; Daniel Shane Patrick, North Wilkesboro; Gabriel Elijah Patrick, North Wilkesboro; Yaneth Perez, Wilkesboro; Timothy Ryan Pettyjohn, Ronda; Christopher Lee Piner, North Wilkesboro; Dylan Chase Potts, Roaring River; Daniel Allen Prevette, Hays; Samantha Jane Prevette, Hays; Billie Jean Pruitt, North Wilkesboro; Taylor William Queen, North Wilkesboro; Stephen T. Ratcliffe, Traphill; Neil Jacob Rotsheck, Millers Creek; Guadalupe Eduardo Ruvalcaba, North Wilkesboro; Teaunya Nicole Sales, North Wilkesboro; Jasmine Bae Shores, Millers Creek; Courtney Lynne Shumate, Hays; Hunter Mason Shumate, Hays; Makayla Nicole Sloop, Moravian Falls; Ruth Grace St. John, Ronda; Allison Ruth Virginia Strickland, Traphill; Bailey Nicole Sturgill, Hays; Kristen Leighann Sturgill, Moravian Falls; Randall Austin Trapp, North Wilkesboro; Samuel Lewis Trudell, North Wilkesboro; Mary Jane Boiser Vawter, McGrady; Moriah Grace Vimont, Moravian Falls; Allison Leigh Wagoner, Wilkesboro; Montanna Morgan Walters, Wilkesboro; Justin Blake Ward, North Wilkesboro; Ashley Christine Watson, Ferguson; Andrew Ray Williams, North Wilkesboro; Colby Perry Williams, North Wilkesboro; Kelly Breanna Wingler, Purlear; and Hope Davis Wyatt, North Wilkesboro.

Yadkin County

President’s List: Timothy Brett Campbell, Boonville; Tessica Grace Martin, Hamptonville; Chelsea Renee Quinn, Hamptonville; Sandra Rendon-Habana, Jonesville; Daniel Grey Rose, Yadkinville; and Lisa Lowman Wingler, Hamptonville.

Dean’s List: Kelsea Desiree’ Beamer, Yadkinville; Dana Hartley Blankley, Hamptonville; William Zachary Brown, Hamptonville; Jacob Henderson Driver, Hamptonville; Markas Crispin Gonzalez, Yadkinville; Andrea Olivia Gene Thompson, Jonesville; and Gonzalo L. Zamora, Hamptonville.

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Staff Report