Are you abiding by your school’s email rules?

By Autumn Whitaker - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

According to CNN, in President Barack Obama’s first-term, his secretary of state Hillary Clinton used a personal email server to send confidential information, rather than a government email. There have been secretaries before Clinton that have also used personal email accounts, including Colin Powell, but Clinton’s situation was a little bit different because it out stepped typical government policies and gave her control since these were on a private server.

However, our government has laws to keep email records open to the public. Unfortunately for Clinton, her actions using her personal email did not apply to this issue until the 2014 law was passed. Thus, the government has rules and laws on email procedures.

Shouldn’t the schools have some rules, too? Well, we do as it says right in our handbook that Email accounts will be established for all students and teachers. The main purpose of this account will be for sharing assignments with teachers, collaboration and for accessing their Google account for Chromebooks. Accounts may be established for classroom instruction like BrainPOP, Thinkcentral math, etc. Therefore, this means that the reason these email accounts were given to us was to share assignments with our teachers and students. They are for school-related capabilities, not for students to just chit-chat with friends about haircuts, shows, and who is wearing what at school today. It is also not for students to use to sign up for monthly makeup blogs or for YouTube accounts. This email was provided for school-related uses only. Many of our students, however, are unaware that our school has policies and rules for emails.

When using school email accounts, there can be no foul language to or about another student or teacher. With that said, no one should be speaking negatively of anyone. If anyone were to get caught doing this there most likely will be consequences when using school emails. The schools can monitor school emails, even those deleted, which is the district’s sole purpose of using those accounts. The board members want to make sure students have a safe and appropriate way to contact teachers and fellow peers at school.

Not only are the rules posted in the handbook, but the school district requires a signed acknowledgement for Chromebooks and email account usage, along with the instructional video each school year. The journalism staff of Yadkin Virtual Academy wanted to remind students of this responsibility and signed agreement that all students and parents had to complete. So, fellow Rams, if you’re reading this article, make sure you’re using your school email account in the correct way. Let’s abide by our school rules and policies for our own safety and educational well-being.

Autumn Whitaker is a member of the SHS journalism club and a student of the Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism.

By Autumn Whitaker

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple