Courtney Elementary School

Third Grade

Brittany McDaniel’s class

I love to do lots of things on Christmas, from presents to holiday dinner. I love to play with my cousins and family. I also like present circle time. After all of the kid’s open presents from Santa, everybody forms a circle and opens presents from family members. On Christmas Eve, my family always tries to open presents with oven mitts which is really fun. After we open presents, we go upstairs and play games. Sometimes we celebrate at our house and waking up is exciting but my favorite part is praising the Lord.

Cullen Summers

Christmas is a fun holiday where family and friends get together to give and receive gifts and celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I find Christmas fun because I get new toys. I also like seeing my family and friends and playing board games and Jenga.

Riley Bailey

Christmas reminds me of Jesus’ birth and joy and love. I love time with my friends and family. I don’t care what I get, I just want to spend time with my family.

Timmy Clarkson

Christmas to me is all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday and spending time with your family.

Bradyn Callahan

Christmas to me is about celebrating Jesus’ birth and spending time with family.

Carter Sheets

Christmas is when the family gets together and lights up the star and sings Christmas songs.

Emanuel Ortega

Courtney Elementary School

Third Grade

Tosha Summers’ class

What Christmas means to me is celebrating Jesus’s birth and Christ the Lord. I love giving to people who are in need for Christmas.

~Braelyn Fulton

For my family, we celebrate Christmas at my mom’s house. We eat and open presents. It’s fun!

~Destiny Swift

My family celebrates Jesus’s birthday and spend time with family. We give presents to my family and friends. Thank you Jesus!

~Tristan Foucheux

What Christmas mean to me is Jesus’s birth. We give presents to friends and family. We gather around the Christmas tree. We see all of the pretty lights. Life and Peace on Earth.

~Caramia Thompson

Christmas is all about getting together with family. We open presents and eat meals. We love seeing our family members and doing fun activities.

~Dakota Miller

For Christmas, my mom and dad make a cake for Jesus. We open presents and go to our family member’s houses. It makes me sad not to go to school. I miss my friends and math.

~Makaila Spillman

My family celebrates Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus. My favorite part of Christmas is when I get to spend it with my family. I also love presents!

~Jenna Shore

For Christmas, we get to see friends and family. I love to hug people and be happy.

~Jack Clarkson

For Christmas, we celebrate Jesus’s birth and have a feast. We pray before we eat. We open a few presents. Alot of people come to celebrate. We have a fun time!

~Addi Queen

I like Christmas because I feel happy when I open presents. Christmas isn’t just about the presents. It’s about having fun with your family and being happy.

~Jonathan Zarate

Christmas isn’t just about presents. It’s about having fun with your family, being happy, and celebrating God.

~Logan Cass

Christmas to me means loving my family and celebrating by giving and having fun!

~Jacob Reavis

Christmas is all about Jesus! It’s only a little bit about presents! It’s about having a feast with your family, loving, and being kind to each other.

~Brenden Tucker

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend it with my family! I like getting presents! I like having fun with my cousins.

~Yahir Garcia