Yadkinville Elementary School

Second Grade

Rachel Friel’s class

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and it is a time to remember him. Christmas is a time to be joyful, happy. Christmas is a time to spend with your family and love them. Christmas is a time to be thankful for your family. I love Christmas. It is super fun. Christmas is a time me and my mom bake cookies. Christmas is a time that it snows.

By Gracie Shore

What Christmas means to me is having time to play outside with your family and celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is a time you can cuddle up with your family and when you open presents. When you gather around and look at baby Jesus and celebrate my Mom’s birthday. We are going to the mountains!

By Jennifer Rodriguez

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is a time to be joyful. Christmas is a good time. Christmas is a lovely time. Christmas is to me a good holiday. Christmas is beautiful.

By Karma Robertson

Christmas is a time of year we get together and be nice to one another. Christmas is about Jesus’s birthday.

Christmas is a time of year we read bible verses. Christmas is a time to spread the gospel. Christmas is a time we celebrate it. That is what I think of Christmas.

By Giuseppe Sarabia

Christmas is love. Christmas is caring. Christmas is a time to celebrate. Christmas is not presents it is a time we spread love. Christmas is family. It is God’s birthday. Christmas is caring.

By Kerianne Hutchens

Christmas is when Santa sneaks in your home tip-de-to

A ho ho ho

I am sure Santa will put presents in your tree and when you wake up and see you have some glee

And that is what Christmas means to me

By: Charlie Gobble

What Christmas Means to me is a time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday and brighten up the holidays. We should be praying everyday.

By Charlie Gobble

Christmas is the best holiday in the whole wide world. It is Jesus’s birthday and we all have to be nice to each other. We get to eat a feast and we can watch Christmas movies.

By Ivan Sanchez

Christmas is the time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is about fun. Christmas is to open presents. Christmas is to love and care for people. Christmas is to play in the snow. Christmas is to be yourself.

By Yaneli Pelagio

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and love to God. Christmas is to care for God and Jesus. Christmas is a time to give to people, family, others, and friends.

By Kyra Kimber

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is where you spend time with all your family. Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. I like Christmas because you get so much toys and get to spend time with your family.

By Milo Garcia

Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Christmas means to spend time with family. Christmas is my favorite holiday. What I like about Christmas are trees and presents. I also like snow. As you can see Christmas is the best.

By Max Ibarro

Christmas is the love and joy that we give. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is the smell of pinecones. I always bake a cake for Christmas. Christmas is no fighting. Christmas is spreading the Christmas cheer and spirit. Christmas is the time to be thankful for the birthday and love of Jesus.I like Christmas and all of the love.

By Olivia Wiles

What Christmas means to me is to spend time with my family and presents. Christmas gives presents to me. Christmas means to me about unwrapping gifts.

By Isaiah Cooper

Christmas is whenever you open presents and spend time with your family and friends. I love my friends because they play with me in the snow. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. And I’m going to Disney World. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to ride rides. It’s almost like Thanksgiving but you get to open presents.

By Kamoni Powell

What Christmas means to me is to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. It means to show love and care to each other. It means to have fun spending time with family. We should show love, care, and be happy.

By Nevaeh Herold

Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’s birthday and show love and joy. We should be love to others and be thankful for people. We spend time with family and be nice. We should read nice books to others.

By Greidy

Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Christmas is a time to remember to have fun with your family. Christmas is love.

By April Bledsoe

Christmas is a joy filled holiday when family, friends, people you know, people you love get together. We should always celebrate Jesus birthday. Christmas is someone’s birthday we should not forget to celebrate. I wouldn’t want my birthday forgotten.Christmas is giving presents to friends, family, and even teachers. I love my teacher. That is what Christmas means to me.

By Dillon Burgess

Christmas is having fun because you can play snowball fights in the snow. I like it in Christmas! Making a snowman is fun! And hot chocolate is so good.

By Angel Mendoza

What Christmas means to me is family, friends, and presents, guns, and knives. And hunting stuff too. I get cool stuff. I get remote control car. I get helicopter. I get airplanes. I get trucks. I get love and family.

By Benelty Roten

Yadkinville Elementary School

Third Grade

Debby Wyant’s class

Harley Blevins – Christmas means to me family and friends, decorations and traditions. It is being thankful to others and to Santa Claus because he gives you lots of toys. I also get presents and food like pizza. Christmas means singing Christmas carols and traveling to other places. And Frosty the Snowman and church. It means cookies for Santa and Mrs.Claus. It means Jesus’ birthday and Elf on the shelf; parades with Christmas songs and celebrations. Christmas trees and festivals are at the holiday. Also I like going to stores and seeing Christmas lights. I like seeing people get cool presents and saying ‘thank you’. I like Santa hearing kids yelling ‘yea”. I really like seeing kids feeling happy at Christmas.

Holly Bost – Christmas is spending time with your family. It is not about the presents. It is about family and friends and Jesus. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is Santa’s Little Elves’ workshop. It is music and carols and people helping decorate the tree. I love Christmas.

Aszhura Bowman – Christmas means church because you celebrate the one who died for our sins. You celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The second thing that Christmas means to me is presents because people give you presents in colorful wrapping paper. You tear it open to see what Santa Claus or your family gave you. The third thing about Christmas is all about the food. I like food and I go to my cousin Tamaya’s house and our Nana Pat makes deviled eggs. They are so yummy. Also, Christmas means festivals and they are fun. People paint your face and they have a booth where you can take pictures with Santa Clause. Christmas also means traveling. I go to my Aunt Ashley’s house and we have a ‘get-together’ and play ‘Bingo’. I like playing Bingo because you get to win prizes. I also like to build snowmen at Christmas because it reminds me of Frosty the Snowman. Christmas means to me putting up stockings. I like the stockings because on Christmas morning there is candy in them. These are things that make me happy at Christmas.

Michael Brown – Christmas means to me mailing a card to Santa and him giving us presents. Christmas means when they sing Christmas carols. I also like when they have Christmas parades. Christmas means putting decorations on the tree and when we put elves on the floor. Christmas is being thankful and when I get to hear people sing ‘Frosty the Snowman’. It means when we have Jesus’ birthday.

Casey Cartrette – I love it on Christmas. It is fun because we get presents on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day. It is a good morning on Christmas day and it is fun every year and we have a good time. I like to play in the snow when it snows. I get cookies at Christmas and peanut butter balls. We draw names and it will be a good Christmas.

Rhianna Chastain – Christmas is fun and joyful. What Christmas really means to me is family, friends, Santa Claus, Christmas music, seeing my brother, presents and cuddling up with my Dad. I pray to Jesus. It is His birthday. I like lights, floats, travel, traditions, musicals, carols, Christmas movies and not having school. I like being home for Christmas break. Dad reads me a story. My elf, Jingles, does mischief, singing songs from the Grinch. I can watch Christmas movies like Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman. We eat popcorn and cookies and drink hot chocolate. We can watch people open gifts, put stuff in stockings, walk under the mistletoe. There are many things to hope for like a ventriloquist doll, Hatchamals, stuffed animals, art paper, cool pencils, mittens, and other things. I would also like Shopkins. This is what Christmas means to me.

Kane Clark – Christmas means to me Frosty, Elf on the Shelf, Rudolph, and Santa. Last but not least is Christmas music. The most important thing is friends and family. My birthday is so close to Christmas and we celebrate that day too. I love all the lights, decorations, food and the presents. My mom, dad, Aiden and me bake cookies for Santa, and leave some milk and cookies for him and some carrots for the wonderful reindeer so they can fly longer. That way Santa can give more gifts to everyone. I really want to go to the parades because I really want to get candy. I really like putting up the Christmas tree on my birthday. My stocking has Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer on it. It is green. I can’t wait for Santa to come and to get his cookies on Christmas.

Jade DeLa Cruz – Christmas means family. My family gathers around and eats mash potatoes, mac and cheese and roast beef. For dessert we eat cookies, jello, pie and cake. When we’re done, we watch a movie. When we finish the movie, our cousins, my brother and I go outside to play. Then we go back inside. My mom and dad take out the Family Ornament that we buy each year. The ornament last year was a plastic one. It had a bird and snow on it. The bird was sitting on a branch. It was a redbird. It looked beautiful. My brother and I signed it. My mom and dad did too. My sister does not know how to write her name so she scribbles a little and then my mom writes her name under her scribble. When we want to go to sleep, we go home and get ready for bed. This is our Christmas.

Adam Deyab – Christmas means to me family and elves. Also it means being thankful for Christmas and my birthday on December 15. Christmas means going to parades and getting candy. It means you can watch Christmas cartoons like Rudolph. Christmas means getting Christmas trees and decorating them, hot chocolate and going to Tanglewood to see the lights. It means listening to Christmas music like Jingle Bells and Christmas carols. My family gathers for Christmas. First, we open our presents, then we pray. The family brings food that they make at home. I like going to Christmas festivals. It means to me to give cookies to my friends. Christmas means to me to play in the snow with my family and having a snowball fight. My family helps me make Christmas cookies for Santa and hoping he will like them. On Christmas Eve, I get a good night’s sleep. When I wake up, I get to open my presents if I’m good. We eat and I like my Nanny’s chocolate pie. It’s made of chocolate pudding with a little sugar in a pie crust. This is my Christmas. Merry Christmas.

LeeAnn Drake – Christmas means Santa because he gives us toys at night so we don’t see him. I hope every kid gets something for Christmas. It makes my day to know that every kid gets a gift to unwrap. Sometimes I look at the gifts before it is time to open them. I am glad we have a Santa so everyone can get at least one gift. As you can see, I am so glad we have Santa.

Kameron Flowers – Christmas to me is family and being thankful, and Santa Claus. I like presents and Frosty and friends and I love Christmas. We have the best parades and also, it is the only day that Rudolph helps Santa deliver the presents. And, it is Jesus’ birthday. I love my family and I try to be good and be nice. So Merry Christmas one and all. Look for footprints and presents and a candy cane.

Rachel Gillenwater – Christmas is when Jesus was born. Christmas means that my family spends time with me on Christmas Day. Also, I get to listen to Christmas music and watch holiday movies. I get to drink hot chocolate. Christmas also means when Santa comes and brings us gifts for us to enjoy and love. It is when we decorate our house and yards. It is when we have traditions. We put up our Christmas tree and decorate it and put on the star or angel up on top. Our elf on the shelf comes back each year. We get to eat yummy food and go to parades. When it snows, you can build a snowman or have a snow ball fight. When you to church you pray to God, giving thanks for what He did for us. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Parker Grimes – Christmas is celebrating baby Jesus’ birthday. It is my family passing presents around to one another, bringing joy to everyone in the family. The reason I chose Jesus and family is because family and Jesus are very important to everyone including me. I chose family because they love me and also celebrate Christmas. They also feed me for my health. I also chose Jesus because He is one important person and He is God’s Son. Jesus is the Christ. Jesus should be worshipped on Christmas because it is His birthday. Angels you put on Christmas trees represent Heaven. Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about friends and family coming together and spreading love, joy, laughter and more love. Christmas mostly means the day Baby Jesus was born. And that made this day special and the holiday of Christmas. So, Merry Christmas to one and to all a Good Night!

Khristian Hernandez – Christmas is Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and how they make kids happy. It is Jesus’ Birthday. The second thing about Christmas is the Christmas trees. I decorate mine with all the beautiful lights and other pretty decorations. Another thing I like about Christmas is I can see Santa and take pictures with him. The great thing I like about Christmas is my family and that we can all be together and open presents and play. All of those things are what Christmas means to me and how I celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I also like Christmas music, carols, and I like to listen to people sing while me and my mom decorate our Christmas tree. The most yummy thing about Christmas is the food for our breakfast, Christmas dinner and eating with the family. We thank Jesus for the hands that made the food so we can survive and love. All the people that other people know can be together. It is God who makes kids happy on Christmas. It is a special day for us.

Kierstin Nunn – Christmas means when I go to see my family. Almost every year we go down to see my family. They give lots of presents. We play and sing Christmas songs. Everyone brings food that is really good like deviled eggs, pie, ham and cookies! YUM! Most of the time we go to my Granny’s and Popo’s house. My aunt has a gym set we play on. We also go into the storeroom and play with Christmas clothing and stuffed toys. My aunt has a speaker and we talk to Santa and the Elves. Sometimes they don’t have the ornaments on the tree so we decorate the tree with mostly red ornaments. I love to see my family every Christmas. We also dress up the dogs in Christmas clothing. We have a bunch of fun. Almost 20 or more people come. That’s what Christmas means to me!

Savannah Pearson – Christmas is when you get to spend time with family. I have a tradition of going to see my grandparents. We play ‘Dirty Santa’. My family has fun when we get to see our grandparents on Christmas Eve. Then we go to pick up my brother. Then we go home and we start to cook breakfast for the next morning. We cook cookies and we pour milk in a glass for Santa. Then we go to bed so Santa Claus will come and give us presents. Then in the morning we go and wake up our parents in the room. We play a whole lot of games. We have to take my brother back and then we go back home. At the end of the day, we go to bed so we can go to church the next day and not fall asleep.

Roberto Peralta-Moran – Christmas means to me that Santa brings presents for us. My family and me eat food when it is Christmas. We do this all on Christmas. In winter it is Jesus’ birthday. We put Christmas lights on the Christmas tree in our house.

Gage Thomas – Christmas to me is God and Jesus giving us protein and food. Christmas means to me food and holidays. Christmas means there is shelter when it rains. Christmas means to me family and when they come every year on our family get-togethers. We celebrate because it’s when families are together. I watch Christmas movies. I think there will be some good Christmas movies on this year, but my mom says some of them are too scary to watch. On Christmas, my family comes really far just to spend time with me. Christmas means carols, being with family, opening presents and being thankful for my family and friends. It means festivals, celebrations and traditions, glorious foods, church and Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is about Santa Claus giving presents to everyone that has been good. That is what Christmas means to me.

Nathan Shore – Christmas means celebrating Jesus’ birthday and Santa and Mrs. Claus. It means friends and family, Christmas lights and food. It means Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It is also Christmas trees and traveling, and music. Christmas means to me church and festivals, parades and Elf on the Shelf. It means presents and being thankful for everything. I am mostly thankful for Christmas. It is also putting stockings up so Santa will put candy in them. This is what Christmas means to me.

Jacob Tucker – Christmas means when you get together with family and friends. There is lots of food. We go to my Nana and Paw-Paw’s house. After we eat, we open presents. Then we get ready for church to go celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Then we go back home to watch Christmas movies together in the living room. Then we eat some more, talk, tell jokes and play games. Then we listen to Christmas music. We have lots of lights, Elf on the Shelf, and our Christmas tree. At my Paw-Paw’s house, I play basketball with my cousin. We play on the court in the driveway. Then we play a game where someone picks a card and then you pick a gift. Then we go to sleep and hope for another day like this one. We get up the next morning and run to the tree, open presents and eat my favorite snow-cream.

Yadkinville Elementary School

Third Grade

Shannon Buelin’s class

By: Adrian Redmon

Christmas is my favorite day of the year because you get a lot of presents. I hope I get a Deluxe Omnitrix with motion activated sounds. I hope it is big. I hope my brother gets coal because he has been bad. He has been insane bro.

By: Julianna Mingus

Christmas means a lot to me! I don’t just like Christmas because of the presents. Yes, I do love the presents, and I get all excited. It’s okay because everyone does it. We’re forgetting the part about what it’s actually about. Christmas is not about having a good time and opening presents, it’s about Jesus. If for some reason you don’t know who Jesus is, he’s our Father, our Savior, the only person who can wipe your sins away, and the person who can forgive you. I know if you break your neighbor’s window, and you tell them to please forgive you, well, Jesus will forgive you and your sins. So, that’s what I meant about the part where you’re leaving the part about what Christmas is really all about out. Really, that’s what Christmas means to me and not the presents. Well, kind of the presents. Let me tell you something. If you don’t believe in Santa, he might bring you underwear. So, just really remember this – the world doesn’t really need presents, they just need love from Jesus. And that’s good enough for me. Christmas is about giving, not getting.

By: Atreyu Marion

What Christmas means to me is that I get to spend time with my family and that makes me happy. Also, December 1st is my birthday, and that is on a Friday.

I like it when it snows some years. I like it because you get to make Christmas ornaments because you can make paper chains, paper snowflakes, and Christmas lights and ornaments. I also like Christmas because you get to eat big meals. I like getting gifts too, but that’s not what Christmas is mostly about. It’s mostly about giving and spending time with your family. I also like when my elf on the shelf comes. They do something at night and when you wake up you get to see what they did. That is what Christmas means to me.

By: Roselyn Gonzalez Meza

Christmas means to me spending time with my family and decorating the tree with my family and playing with my friends. I love hanging ornaments and opening our presents together and having fun celebrating. I like having a bonfire and eating s’mores together. What Christmas really means to me is spending time with my family.

By: Kadey Disher

What Christmas means to me is having family time and getting to open presents and to just spend time together. It also means to me to celebrate very beautiful creation birthday of birth. That creation would be Jesus. Jesus is the one we should be thankful for because he saved us and day you will understand that. Another thing what Christmas means to me is having a special gift to be happy and having a talent to be nice. The very last thing I’m thankful for is just being me because on Christmas you can just be you. Christmas is a very special day. It’s a time you can be with ones you love. It’s also a time to be happy and just have fun! I hope you enjoy spending time with your family!

By: Lovely Johnson

Christmas is the best time of the year because on Christmas Eve I like to go see my family. The thing I like about Christmas is my family and my class. It feels like my class is my family because they are all so sweet at Christmas to me. Christmas is so sweet because my family is here on Christmas. I like seeing Mrs. Buelin. She is so sweet to me. So I will be sweet to her. Christmas is not about presents and it’s not what you get. It’s about what you give. What’s good about Christmas is that it is Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. What I like about Christmas is my family and my class but mostly Jesus’ birthday. Have a happy Christmas!

By: Braylee Martin

This is what Christmas means to me.

Spending time with family

Opening presents on Christmas Eve with my brother in our PJs

Having fun decorating the Christmas tree and putting up our stockings

Sitting by the fire reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs

Gathering around the Christmas tree and opening presents littlest to oldest

Having a lot of fun

Going house to house seeing friends and family

Celebrating Jesus’ birthday

Going to sing Christmas songs like Jingle Bell Rock and Jingle Bells

Seeing my family on Christmas Eve

Making food for Christmas dinner

That is what Christmas means to me.

By: Faith Strickland

Christmas means a lot to me because Christmas is when Jesus Christ was born. It isn’t about the presents under the tree. It’s about Jesus. Christmas also means about giving not getting. What I also like about Christmas is that you get to sing Christmas carols and you get to decorate a tree and hang up stockings. Christmas also means about spending time with your family like your mom, dad, your sister and your brother. I know Christmas isn’t about the presents but sometime it’s fun playing with them. That’s why Christmas means a lot to me.

By: Hunter Boone

What Christmas means to me is spending time with my family and friends. Thanking Jesus for dying on the cross for us as a gift for His birthday. It doesn’t really matter about the presents. It matters about your family and your friends and other stuff. What Christmas really means to me is God and Jesus. I love Christmas and you should too because Christmas is a time to be happy and I like to get together with my family and eat Chinese on Christmas Day and open presents. It’s really fun because you always get a lot of them. I always get so excited on Christmas morning. I wake up super early and go in the living room but first I check to see if my parents are awake. They are sometimes not awake. Then I look at my presents wondering what they are. My parents are always awake after I look at my presents so I always rush in my room after I look at them. Then they tell me to get up. Then I eat breakfast and open them. After I open my presents I play with them. Then it’s almost lunch time so I get ready to go and eat. After that, we get in the car and talk a little bit and listen to Christmas music.

Then we’re there and we eat a lot of food. My favorite food there is the orange chicken and the green beans. Then we are all stuffed. We pay and get in the car and listen to more Christmas music, talk for a little bit and go to some stores and go home. That’s what I like about Christmas.

By: Grayson Chilton

Christmas means that I celebrate Jesus’ birthday and that I’m with my family and friends and teachers. I believe in Santa. Christmas means that I’m with my cat too. Every Christmas I go to my Nana’s and Papa’s house and I like it. At my house we open our gifts and stockings all in the morning and I like that too. On Christmas day we normally go to church and I also like that too. I love Christmas because I spend time with my family, my friends, my cat, God, Jesus, my mom and dad, church friends, my nana and papa, my other nana and papa, and all of that is what Christmas means to me.

P.S. I love my friends, family, church, God, Jesus, my cat and teachers. I love everything!

By: Aiden Ladd

Christmas means to me all kinds of stuff. I like everything. It’s when Baby Jesus is born and it’s my favorite holiday. It’s not the presents, it is the love you look for. It is when we show love to other people that we do not even know.

By: Sandra Arcadio Piedra

Christmas for me feels like friends and family and a good heart time. I also like that my mom makes hot chocolate and bread. Sometimes it snows and I like snow. It’s for God’s birthday and for caring about other people. I make my own presents for people and I always give something to my teachers. It’s like the best holiday ever for me. It’s the best, best holiday. Sometimes we go tom my gramales house or not and the best thing I love to do in Christmas is to open the presents and have a happy new year.

By: Luke Lundy

My favorite thing about Christmas is that I get to see the people in my family and I get to play with the people I love. It’s kind of a whole house full of family for the family get together. To me it’s stupendous. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I hope you have a merry Christmas.

By: Tamaya Howell

I like Christmas because we go out to the park and play fun games at the park. When we get done we go home and we play games at the house and then we go to bed. Then we have some food when we get done playing the game with my mom and my dad.

By: Haley Wandzilak

Hello, fellow friends. It’s almost Christmas. I’m Haley. I spell my name in cursive. I love Christmas with my friends because we can be happy and we are so blessed. We celebrate Jesus’ birthday after dinner. People, friends and family

pass out presents. Then we open them. We also like to eat dessert. Our favorite is ice cream. We also like chocolate. We go play games outside in the snow and build a snowman. My cousins and I want this stuffed animal called a beanie boo. My cousin wants a cat one and my other cousin wants a dog. I want an owl. We play on the ice and ice skate with our family. We also do a lot at Christmas.

By: Cassandra Ramirez Hernandez

What I like about Christmas is joy, happiness, caring for each other, and spending time together. What I like most about Christmas is the presents and the food that my mom cooks. It’s delicious. It is something from Mexico. I like the Christmas tree and we also have dessert after the food. We watch a movie or drink hot chocolate. (Yum! Yum!) It’s good. Maybe we are going to make a gingerbread house. It is fun. My Christmas tree is going to be white and I have a bunch of ornaments in my house. I love seeing the snow and love getting Christmas presents for my mom and my brother. Peace and joy and happiness and candy…I love everything about Christmas. Merry Christmas!

By: Randall Fisher

Christmas is not about the presents. It is about Jesus birthday and being with family and friends and pets. I like the presents. I want a few things for Christmas. I want an xbox onex and I am moving in a new house for Christmas. That is the best part of this Christmas. I love Chirstmas. It is the best time of the year. The elves are mysterious on Christmas Eve when Santa Claus comes to each house and family. Decorations are fun. I like putting the ornaments on Christmas trees. I like making paper snowflakes.

By: Iseraily Velasquez Castro

What Christmas means to me is family and friends and special Jesus. That’s all you need. You don’t need presents. Tell everyone else. Some kids don’t have presents. Everyone has to know. Please spread to everyone they need to know that it’s not just about presents. You need good people to have a great Christmas. The day Jesus was born is amazing. It gives you that tingle when you get that feeling that every day is Jesus birthday every single day of December. Family is all you need. Family is something you can count on every single day of your life. Sometimes you get in a fight with your sister or brother (Sister to me – Aby). But we always forgive each other and that is all Jesus wants to see. Christmas feels like Christmas!

By: Emanuel Alonzo Camargo

Right now I believe it is all about the presents, the birth of baby Jesus and the Christmas tree and the celebrations. It makes me think all that cause even my church gives out toys. (I think?) Well, right now they give out cookies and I like that. Any ways, I can easily tell that my mom and dad wrapped the presents because they were in a trash bag and when you took the presents out, they came wrapped in wrapping paper. (Happened last year in 2016)

By: Esmeralda Vivas De La Paz

I like Christmas because it’s when you spend time with your family. You just get to enjoy time with them. You should enjoy those time with them. You should enjoy the time you can be with them because you may only get to see them at Christmas. That may be the only time you see them. It just isn’t about

the presents. You can enjoy Christmas with them. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to but I will because if they pass away and you may not be able to see them again. You will be sad that all the time they were here you didn’t even say Hi or Bye when they came or left. This is the end of What Christmas Means to Me.

Yadkinville Elementary School

Third Grade

Samantha Shore’s class

Christmas means Jesus’ birthday for us to celebrate because he died on the cross for us. – Cheyenne Russell

Christmas is about family, not presents, oh and friends. It is also fun in the snow. – Hector Jaimes

Christmas means to me a birthday of a fearless baby called Jesus. – Natalie Jacobo

What Christmas means to me is peace, happiness, joy, love and the baby Jesus. Christmas is all about how baby Jesus was born. A long, long, long, long time ago a woman named Mary and a man named Joseph went to Bethlehem so Mary could have Jesus. When they got to Bethlehem they went from door to door asking people if they had room. They had got uncountable no’s. When they got to the last house the man said they could stay the night in his stable. Then in the middle of the night Mary had baby Jesus. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and layed him in a manger. -Chase Pipes

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because that’s when Jesus was born. Another reason I like Christmas is that all the little kids are happy and excited to open their presents. My last reason is that I like singing Christmas songs at church. -Lyndsey Almazan

What Christmas means to me is that it is God’s birthday. Christmas is my favorite holiday. And you can get presents. And you get a Christmas break from your school. And you can play in snow with your friend. That’s what Christmas means to me. -Melvin Avila-V ​aleriano

Christmas means a lot to me. I love that it is Jesus’ birthday because it means a lot to him. He probably loves when it’s Christmas. I love picking out presents for other people because I sometimes know what they want. I also love when I get presents because it’s fun to open them and see what’s inside the wrapper, bag, or box. I love Christmas a lot! As you can see Christmas means a lot to me. -Nevaeh Neise

What Christmas means to me is I get to be with my family and friends and the best part of Christmas is you get to unwrap presents except sometimes I try to save the wrapping paper. Also you get to eat a lot and you get to have partys and you get to play Christmas games with your family and friends and you get to watch Christmas shows. -Halen Johnson

Christmas means spending time with your family and telling stories and singing songs and enjoying your presents. And poor people we don’t know you can help them by giving them some money or giving them a meal or buying them stuff. You also can buy people stuff and your family stuff they want. Enjoy Jesus’ birthday. This is what Christmas means to me. -Elise Suarez

Christmas is special to me and Christmas means we can celebrate God’s Birthday on Christmas day. It means we could make a Christmas dinner and eat with the family. We pray for God before we eat. Christmas means we can open our presents under the tree and Christmas means to me loving Mrs. Shore and my mom and my sister and my dog and my Gramall too. -Mariya ​Jimenez-Flores​

I think what Christmas means to me is when I see my family because it makes me very happy and it gives me joy because when we sit down and eat Christmas we talk about the feeling of Christmas. The best part is when we eat dessert and go play outside in the snow. We drink hot chocolate. I get to spend some time with my family. I get to have fun. I love my family. -A’dynn Clark

What Christmas means to me is when it brings the family together. That makes me the most happy kid in the world and I can play with my cousin. Also what Christmas means to me is when we open presents the whole family me and my cousin and we get to play in the snow. The family gets to see a family movie and drink hot coco with marshmellows and make crafts and make tents and play hide and go seek. We get to make presents for my mom and dad and I get to play with my friends and then go to my grama’s house. I get to just be with my family and friends and dogs and cats. This is what Christmas means to me. -Jaqueline A ​guayo-Serna

Yadkinville Elementary School

Third Grade

Ashley Dezern’s class

I think Christmas is about spending time with your family. I also think Christmas is about being nice to friends, family, and even Santa. Something else that I think Christmas means is giving and God’s birthday. That is what I think Christmas truly means.

Christian Triplett

I think Christmas is about friends and family and to help others to get stuff they need. And most of all I think it’s hope and love to all. And to support people that are homeless.

Landon Brooks

What Christmas means to me is about Jesus’s birthday when he was born in Bethlehem in a stable. Christmas is not presents and candy and elf on the shelf and new toy’s and baby dolls. But it’s about spending time with family.

Marlee Hale

Christmas means joy to me because it is Jesus’s birthday and you get to celebrate a wonderful holiday. And be around your family so they can celebrate it and be around you too. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get to see your family and friends and sit by the tree and open presents and sing Christmas songs and take pictures. That is what Christmas means to me.

Taylor St. Onge

Christmas means a lot to me because I like to see my family I like to see my cousin that I never get to see I like to gather around the Christmas tree and open gifts from my mom and dad and Santa. Most of all seeing my family.

Caleb Gilpin

What Christmas means to me is about being with all your family having fun and helping the poor. It’s also about celebrating God’s birthday and doing fun activities with your family and being happy inviting friend’s over. And having peace, love, kindness, and giving and not thinking about yourself.

Helen Guzman