The Starmount angels

By Hannah Kaufman - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

It’s December, meaning it’s that most wonderful time of year again, Christmas time. People are rummaging around to find the perfect gift while others in the community aren’t sure if they will be receiving or buying any gifts for Christmas this year.

As I got to talk to the person overseeing Starmount High School’s division of the Angel Stockings program, I was inspired. I have never heard of the program before; it is an awesome way to spread holiday cheer to everyone.

As I talked to the head director of the stocking committee at Starmount High School, Bobbie Scott, I became more aware about how many kids don’t get much for Christmas. As I talked with Scott, she told me that there are 665 kids that are registered to receive a stocking this year.

Her work in this program all started with volunteering in Forsyth County to fill stockings. Little did Scott know there was a Yadkin Salvation Army, and now she works with them each year to help children in Yadkin County.

As I got to talk with her, she told me that people would bring their kids in order to have some gift, as small as a stocking, for their children on Christmas. Last year, the community got a team together, and the county reported 504 stockings. It is exciting to see these kids get a stocking for Christmas. Different people from around the county assist with this operation, and they love helping each year and making more and more children smile.

Rather than worry about how big the presents under the tree will be this year, we should come together to make a child’s Christmas a bit brighter by helping out in this great cause.

Hannah Kaufman is a senior member of the Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism and SHS journalism club.

By Hannah Kaufman

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple