Competition strong at second annual Winter Early College Cup Competition

By Azlynn Bargoil and the YEC Journalism Class - For The Yadkin Ripple

Early colleges in northwestern North Carolina began competing in athletic and academic competitions last year to earn the Early College Cup for their school. The inaugural Early College Cup winner was the Yadkin Early College High School.

So far this year, there have been two competitions, the Fall Early College Cup competition hosted this past September by the Yadkin Early College, and the second, the Winter Early College Cup competition hosted by Wilkes Early College on Jan. 27.

The Fall Early College Cup competition events in September were soccer and quiz bowl matches. The YEC quiz bowl team earned second place after losing in the final to Davie Early College. Quiz bowl stand out Brett Boles did an amazing job for his team.

The YEC girls’ soccer team brought home third place and the YEC boys’ soccer team brought home second place. All players put forth great effort with Kenia Aguilera and Luis Santos exhibiting extra commitment and leadership for their respective teams.

The Winter Early College Cup competition events were basketball and mathcounts.

The YEC mathcounts two teams both won their first rounds, but were both defeated in their second rounds in the semi-final round. The final match took place between Surry and Davie early colleges’ first teams, with Davie Early College taking first place. Yadkin Early College took third place. Standouts on the Yadkin Early College mathcounts team were Ramiro Rosales, Travis Hartmann, Lilly Fowler and Azlynn Bargoil.

The YEC girls’ basketball team earned second place in its tournament, winning its first game. The final game between Yadkin and Wilkes Early College, saw Wilkes defeating Yadkin and taking first place in girls’ basketball. Standouts for YEC girls’ basketball team were Kari Davis and Kendra Davis.

The first YEC boys’ basketball team earned first place in its tournament, while the second team was defeated by Stokes County’s first team in the first round. YEC won in the final against Stokes Early College. Standouts for the YEC boys’ basketball team were Kyle Killingsworth, Tyler Kimmer, Cole Bunnell and Lathan Curry.

Yadkin Early College students gave an outstanding effort in their sports and academic competition performances. Each event provided competitors with great experience in sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance. YEC students pushed their minds and bodies to excel. They were the embodiment of a quote by Rudyard Kipling from The Jungle Book, “The strength of the pack is in the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.”

The Yadkin Early College is in the lead to hold the Early College Cup for a second year in a row.

By Azlynn Bargoil and the YEC Journalism Class

For The Yadkin Ripple