The new techno era arrives in Yadkin

By Gracee Shore - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

When considering the new age of robotics and the projects that robotics teams create, most of people think of a robot, capable of walking and talking, a form of artificial intelligence, right?

With the new robotics teams at all of the high schools in Yadkin County, it’s safe to say that things are revving up here for the STEM program.

Starmount High School’s sponsor, Mike Howell, had a lot of great things to say about the program featured on campus. He was quick to respond, first focusing on the club’s main purpose, “The robotics team was designed to get more students hands on with electronics and get them to realize that there is more than one route to take when you graduate high school. The program was funded by those that were in companies around the county, that had no one that could run the equipment because they have never been taught how to use it.”

Howell also spoke of the mission the students have undertaken with this most recent build. He said, “We had to build the robot from the head down first, which is what most people would expect, but now they are having to learn how to code successfully, to make the robot do commands that the students need to be done.”

When it involves course requirements and future careers in this line of work, he thought that students needed Career and Technical Education classes, as well as a physics class, since coding and calculations required math and science.

There is not a competition this year because everyone is still trying to get robotics teams established, but there will be a friendly gathering of all three schools to compare models and see how far the students have succeeded within their teams in just a short amount of time.

Gracee Shore is a Starmount High School Journalism Club member.

By Gracee Shore

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple