An Enchanted Forest

By Jacob Williams - For The Yadkin Ripple

After the six-week process of getting the Forbush High School 2018 Prom together, it was a huge success.

On April 14, Bermuda Run Country Club was packed with young teens dressed in top notch clothing, in fancy rides, as they danced the night away. This year’s prom was themed “Enchanted Forest” put together by Prom Coordinator Jennifer Helton and the prom committee.

This was a magical night for the 2018 Prom King and Queen. This year there were three senior couples nominated. The first couple was Turner Hauser and Alexis Collins, second was Timothy Matthews and Karson Starling, and third was Dakota Mendenhall and Faith Keaton. This year Dakota Mendenhall and Faith Keaton were crowned King and Queen for the 2018 school year.

I asked Keaton and Mendenall how it felt felt being this year’s prom king and queen, and Keaton said, “When they announced that Dakota and I won prom king and queen I was ecstatic.”

She added, “When my sister was a senior, she won prom queen so I thought it was very interesting that we both won. During our dance it felt magical and the atmosphere made me feel like a real queen.”

Mendenhall said, “I was so happy for her because I knew how much it meant to her and how much she would remember this night.”

But for some students this was their last prom ever, so I went around campus and asked a few seniors what was their most memorable moment at prom this year.

Alexis Hobson said, “The most memorable moment about my senior prom was the simple fact that it was my last prom and I wanted to make it the best yet with my friends seeing as how we are all leaving for college and I’ll miss them dearly. Shout out to my girls, you know who you are!!!”

Next I asked Sydnee Choplin, and she replied, “My most memorable moment was being able to enjoy my last prom with some great friends! It’s weird because it’s my last prom ever, but I’m ready to graduate and move on to bigger and better things.”

Then I asked senior Enrique Trejo, and he said, “The most memorable moment I had was being able to go to my first prom ever, and it was lit. I got to hang out with some amazing friends and it was a full night full of fun.”

So this is another one for the books here at Forbush High School, students enjoyed the amazing night that was filled with so much joy and laughter and most of all memorable moments that they will never forget.

Jacob Williams is a senior at Forbush High School.

By Jacob Williams

For The Yadkin Ripple