Saying goodbye

By Sydnee Choplin - For The Yadkin Ripple

Now that prom is done and over with, it’s time to get our heads wrapped around graduating from high school, and getting prepped for college.

Ever since I have started my senior year of high school, I’ve barely thought about ending my years here at Forbush. I always get emotional just thinking about leaving all my friends behind, and quite frankly, even though I see a lot of people in passing that I’ve never spoke to before, it’s just a routine passing them by every day going to my next class, and not having that routine anymore, not seeing the same faces every day, is a really weird thought.

Since my freshman year in high school, I’ve always heard that “this is going to be the best four years of your life.” I never really believed them when they would tell me that. At the time I was just living in the moment, not really caring if I missed a basketball game, or missed a homecoming dance.

It’s now April, and I’m now starting to realize just how much I’m going to miss high school, and also how I’m going to regret doing some of the things that I should have done as a high school student.

Jacob Williams said, “I can say that the years I have been here at Forbush have been great, but it’s hard to see all of us part ways, and go off to college, and pretty much not be able to see each other again except maybe spontaneously at a grocery store, or maybe not until our reunion.”

My advice to anyone who is in high school now is to take advantage of any opportunity handed to you, go to the homecoming dance, go to the football games, the baseball games. Do everything while you can now because in all reality, life is so short. The memories you make are something that you are going to hold onto forever.

Sydnee Choplin is a senior at Forbush High School.

By Sydnee Choplin

For The Yadkin Ripple