Drop the cool, stay safe in school

By Alexis Hobson and Faith Keaton - For The Yadkin Ripple

Here at Forbush High School, Laura Papsun’s English 2 class decided to take it upon themselves to make the school a safer environment everyone can feel comfortable in and some important people decided to listen. The county commissioners of Yadkin County took part in listening to these students and even considered implementing some laws into the school.

The students had many impressive ideas on ways to keep local schools safe. Some ideas include allowing teachers to have the ability to conceal carry, redoing the procedures regarding intruders, safety training and adding mental health into the curriculum. The commissioners provided feedback to the students and took their ideas into consideration. They met with the superintendent and officers concerning the students’ ideas. They explained to the students that passing new ideas took time, but they believed that pieces of every idea presented would be applied into the school systems.

Students were asked what they learned about this project. Keaton Hennings said he enjoyed the learning process of the commissioners coming because he got to see the business and law side of the process to make the school a safer place. “It was very interesting to see how the money fluctuates in the county as well as the type of budgeting we are given for certain aspects of the school. The commissioners also talked about the length of time it takes for laws to be passed to help the school, it was just great being a part of the experience that could make the school a better and safer place even if it doesn’t happen immediately.”

Alexis Hobson and Faith Keaton are seniors at Forbush High School.

By Alexis Hobson and Faith Keaton

For The Yadkin Ripple