Forbush blood drive surpasses goal

By Cassandra Lopez - For The Yadkin Ripple

On April 20, Forbush High School hosted the annual blood drive. Yearly, the school has a blood drive in the fall semester as well as in the spring semester.

With every blood drive, the school’s HOSA advisor, Adrianna Sloan, sets a goal for the school to reach. In past years, the school has come up short to meeting its goal for different reasons, such as people’s blood iron is too low, their weight is not enough, and other factors.

This year, the school was set at goal of 160 pints or units, which it ended up surpassing with 169 units of blood.

Some underestimate the difficulty of achieving this goal.

When asking Forbush senior Alexis Hobson why she thinks donating blood is important, she said, “Donating is important due to the fact that hundreds of lives are lost daily because of blood loss. If we have the power to help others in time of need with a simple procedure, which may I add doesn’t cost anything, there is no excuse as to why we shouldn’t donate.”

Both students and staff show a great amount of appreciation and support towards the American Red Cross for helping out in making a difference in the community and the world.

Cassandra Lopez is a student at Forbush High School.

By Cassandra Lopez

For The Yadkin Ripple