SHS students wish for warmer days

By Jenna Atkinson - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

BOONVILLE — From the end of December into the new year, the area has experienced some of the coldest days of the winter yet. The low hit 4 degrees, which was on the 7th of January. However, the most recent change in weather this month has went into the 70s. The journalism staff wondered what students thought of the drastic changes.

After surveying Starmount High School students, it was surprising to see that a majority of students did not enjoy the cold weather or snow. Due to the recent snow, students had to make up the days that they missed. For people who don’t like the cold weather and wish it were summer, this conflicts with those dreams of warm beaches and sunglasses as people scraped ice off their windshields.

Since the snow days of January, it seems that students are ready to dig into their studies; some people hope that the area has seen the end of cold weather, anticipating spring break and summer vacation, hoping no more make up days will be necessary.

When it changes to colder weather, people tend to get sicker or even get the flu, which has been rampant this year. Even though sickness is a true concern, during the cold weather, even worse things could happen to people including losing electrical power. In recent events, residents had to find alternative means of heating like a fireplace or some type of heater because of the cold climate in the foothills and North Carolina at the beginning of this year.

People also need to dress differently when the temperatures get lower; it can be confusing at times with these weather patterns. One anonymous person stated in the survey, “If you prepare for the cold instead of doing like most [students] and waiting till the last minute, it’s not that bad. Yes, 6 degrees is cold, but if you prepare yourself with the correct kinds of clothes… it’s not that bad.”

Even though the snow and the cold weather can get students out of school, they still have to make up those days. So it’s with excitement that the campus has seen warm weather, a soft breeze that reminds students of late summer nights and no homework!

Jenna Atkinson is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.

By Jenna Atkinson

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple