White roses, cacti, and other forms of love

By Jenna Atkinson - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

BOONVILLE — Valentine’s Day is a day when loved ones spend time with each other and give each other gifts. Annually celebrated on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day goes back to the 5th century in Roman culture. But students wanted to know more about present perceptions of this day.

So, in a survey at Starmount High School, a majority of students said that when they think of love they think of the color red; some elaborated and said they felt this way because hearts are red whereas others said red or pink because at stores, the Valentine’s aisle is that color. There are some other colors associated with this holiday like white or purple, but most were in favor of red.

Valentine’s is a day of giving love but also the perfect time for giving gifts. Many said the perfect gift to get someone for Valentine’s Day is chocolate, a card, or flowers. Some other great gift ideas were a hand-written note from the heart, a stuffed teddy bear or even a heart-shaped pizza. Even one survey taker said homemade gifts and letters are more thoughtful than store-bought items. Sweetest of all, though, and most closely connected to the holiday, some people said just being with their loved ones is enough. In my opinion, I think spending time with loved ones like friends and family could be the best gift of all.

Because flowers are one of the most bought items to receive on Valentine’s Day, the poll addressed what the most prized flower for Valentine’s Day would be considered. Roses were the common choice, as they are seen to represent love and are often given on this day, but there were a few other suggestions. Some people like the daisy, believing it was the perfect flower since it represents happiness. Some students felt that an orchid plant represents the beauty of love itself, a treasure to be nurtured.

However, least expected of all, one person stated that the cactus would be the best gift. Why, one may ask? Well, according to the anonymous submission, “it’s edgy.”

Yet, in my opinion, white roses would be the perfect flower; in my eyes, I see them as representing love since white roses are rare to find. I do like the thought of Valentine’s Day, since we get to spend time with loved ones. It is usually a happy day for everyone as the air is full of appreciation, joy, and the obvious emotion of love. Even though I’ve never had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, I still love the idea of receiving that rare white rose from a special someone.

Jenna Atkinson is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.

By Jenna Atkinson

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple