Snacks to pack for a protest

By Kitsey Burns Harrison -

Kitsey Burns Harrison at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

Kitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen

I typically try to keep this column no more controversial than whether one prefers Hellman’s or Duke’s mayo, but there comes a point in time when we have to talk about some more difficult subjects.

Like many people, I was disturbed and saddened by the hateful and demeaning words spewed by a certain candidate during the election. I was even more heartbroken to learn that this person who blatantly bragged that he could shoot someone on the street and nothing would happen or that he could sexually assault women with no repercussions, would be our nation’s president.

When word began to spread that a march would take place following the inauguration, a march that would represent the dignity and rights of women, immigrants, minorities, those with disabilities, LGBTQ persons and all humans, I knew immediately that I wanted to participate.

I have never been one to get too involved in politics, but I do believe firmly in standing up for basic human decency and kindness. And so, a good friend and I made plans to take a bus to Washington, D.C., to do just that.

The march was an unbelievable experience and one I am so glad I was able to take part in. Everyone we met on our bus and throughout the march was so kind and friendly. The entire event was uplifting and inspiring. It was a welcome reminder that there is still goodness and kindness and decency in the world. When 500,000-plus people are all trying to occupy the same space, that’s an even more impressive feat.

This historic event is just the beginning though. We all have a responsibility to treat each other with the same kindness and decency that we expect for ourselves. In the political sphere, it’s time for all of us to become involved in our national and local governments throughout the year and not just come election time. I like to believe the best in people and that our representatives do have our best interests at heart, but if we don’t communicate with them, how will they know our needs?

Since this column is entitled Kitsey’s Kitchen, I would be remiss if I didn’t make at least one mention of food. When planning for the march we were told by our bus organizers to take anything with us we wanted to eat during the day as the large crowds could make it difficult to find places to eat. If you are ever planning to go to a protest or other event with 500,000-plus people, I recommend finding small individually packaged food items. I found some delicious fruit chews that came in small packets that fit easily into my fanny pack. The individual serving size Pringles were a fun and easy to carry snack, too. I also found some great little packets of apples, cheese and pretzels in the produce section of the grocery store.

As we were on our way to our bus to return home, we did manage to find a lovely little place called the Pretzel Bakery that wasn’t too crowded. They had homemade soft pretzels and an absolutely delicious concoction they called a pretzel bomb that was a soft bun-like pretzel with Nutella filling.

Kitsey Burns Harrison is a reporter for The Yadkin Ripple, here she shares her musings on food, life and love. She can be reached at 336-518-3049 or on Twitter and Instagram @RippleReporterK.

Kitsey Burns Harrison at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Burns Harrison at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Kitsey Burns Harrison | Kitsey’s Kitchen

By Kitsey Burns Harrison

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