Letter to the editor

To the editor,

My name is Rachael Everett I am a student from Appalachian State University and I had the pleasure of interning at the Yadkin Success Academy during the school year. When I first started my internship, I was nervous about being placed at an alternative school and I did not know what to expect working with the population of students. During my time interning at the Yadkin Success Academy, I can honestly say that it is an amazing school with wonderful staff. I commuted from my hometown of Winston-Salem and every morning I walked into the school I was greeted with smiling faces and welcoming staff. The staff at the Success Academy are wonderful and they really work around the needs of the students that they have at the school. In addition, to this the staff does a wonderful job of creating a safe and loving environment for the students. Overall, Yadkin Success Academy is an outstanding school with hardworking and loving staff and great students. I just wanted to take time out to share my thoughts and wonderful experience interning at the school.

Rachael Everett