Letter to the editor

To the editor,

It does not take a lot of words to express how I feel about our flag, “Old Glory”.

We are lucky in this country to fly a flag that symbolizes freedom for our citizens. Our flag is recognized around the world as a symbol of hope. When you ride around your neighborhood and see the flag flying you swell up inside just a little bit, but when you see the flag that is ripped and tattered you get a little angry. When your flag gets worn and torn take it down and give it to either the Boy Scouts or to one of the veteran’s organizations for proper disposal.

Our flag is used as a symbol of a nation’s gratitude for the sacrifices made by our military men and women. When our flag drapes the coffin of a solder kill in battle it takes on a special meaning. It says our nations love, hope and gratitude blankets our comrade in arms. It says to our fallen warrior’s family that we are there for them. We lower the flag to half-staff to symbolize a nation in mourning.

There are certain days on which we lower our flag to half-staff automatically. We do this as a country not needing to be told too. One such day is September 11. On September 11th, 2001 our country suffered an attack that killed more Americans than any other attack on American soil in history. By lowing the flag to half-staff we are telling the world that we will not forget, we will continue to hunt down and destroy those that attacked us.

Some of the other days that our flag is flown at half-staff are: Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Pearl Harbor Day. The President can call for the flag to be lowered to half-staff on certain occasions.

There are no laws describing how and when the flag should be displayed. There are only guides and suggestions. If you fly the flag at home mark your calendars to remind you on what days to lower the flag to half-staff. If you work for a city, county or state government office you should make sure you know when to lower the flag to half-staff so those who look to you for guidance will know also.

If the flag is flown at night there should be a light dedicated to illuminate the flag. If you are raising the flag in the morning and you know you will fly it a half-staff that day, please raise the flag all the way and then lower it to half-staff.

There are different sites that will gladly send you an e-mail each time the flag should be flown at half-staff. One such site is the American Flag Pole and Flag Co.

This is our flag. Treat her with respect.

Chuck Knight

Yadkin County Veterans Service Officer