Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Fellow East Bend Citizens, Would you like to have huge signs, facing your property, that are XXX rated? Brian Higgins (and Jane Doub) at 120 Forest Oak Dr are masters of such! They will hang them in trees, or ground stand them. Everyone can view them, including your children, grand children, friends children. Examples of these steamy signs are: F*** You. Ignorant Coward. Stupid C***. They can also paint graffiti on sheds and on the home.

Yes! In East Bend! Mayor Hicks and his wife (zoning board), when asked if anyone in town can display obscene filthy signs, answered, “Yeah. Go Ahead.” (Yadkin Ripple, June 14, 2018)

The town can prohibit such signs in accordance with N.C. GS 14-190. But, since such signs are not on Main Street, parade route, or next door to the mayor, commissioners, or zoning members, it is of no interest to them.

East Bend Citizens! You must move your trash can from the curb after pick-up! You cannot blow the vehicle horn in town! You must not let your grass grow beyond 12 in. high, or have obnoxious weeds. (Well, depends on who you are.) Structures and foundations must be in good repair! (But you can write filthy words on them.) No abanded vehicles on streets! No night noise! No stagnant water! No accumulation of yard waste! Oh, and do support your East Bend Beautification Committee! Aren’t all those little trees, planters, and benches so adorable on Main Street? All that is missing is a F*** You sign and Stupid C*** sign!

Make some signs today! Your children will enjoy them!

Dianne Doub

East Bend