Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I was extremely disturbed Sunday when my daughter told me about an experience she had while registering my six year old granddaughter for cheerleading for the Elkin team. She said the total costs are well over $300 but that is a different argument for another day. What upset me is she said there were mother’s having to take their six and seven year old daughters away crying because they couldn’t afford the costs. Yes they were offering them a chance to sell gas tickets to cover the costs but that was no guarantee. I find it disheartening and frankly embarrassing in a community such as our we can spend so much money on downtown beautification yet can’t help a small girl realize her dream of cheering. Please hold another sign up for those who could not afford the costs, let the Tribune know the costs, contact me, and I will take it upon myself to raise the money so those little girls don’t have to go home crying. We’ll discuss the ridiculousness of the costs later. If you question my resolve, I am a former U.S. Army Ranger and I have never failed to complete a mission yet. Please to whomever is in charge of the program consider my offer. Thank you.

Allen Oliver


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