Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Forbush Recycle Center,

Once again Forbush is due a change. Upon knowing authority, I have learned that the Recycling center at the corner of Old US 421 East and Speer Bridge Road, is to be closed and relocated to the intersection of

Courtney-Huntsville and Speer Bridge Rds.,10 miles from its current location. While we first hated the center being so close to us, we did begin to enjoy it’s proximity for the ease of trash disposal. Now the ride is over, except for the drive that lays ahead. The rats, mice and other vermin will have to relocate also. This all started when Forbush became the recipient of a much post debated Dollar store. The land it sits on some 20+- acres, was purchased and rezoned business residential without any input from the community by the County Commissioners. A 9X11 paper sign attached to a fence post, was the only notice we ever saw. It looked more like a no trespassing sign than anything else, to read it one would have had to either stop on Old 421 or park somewhere and walk. With no exposure other than that, it went through.

Once built, an inordinate amount of traffic accidents began to happen at the Old US 421, Speer Bridge Rd. and Shacktown Rd. intersection. The county began to think again and ask the State for help. And help they did! The 4-way intersection, if the new Dollar store is included as planned, now has a Mega Traffic circle in the final steps of pre-construction. The DOT mailed cards to a select few around the intersection and held a public meeting on 8 August 2017 from 4 to 7pm. Only problem was, Yadkin County Schools had their open house from 3pm until, that day. Many residents were not able to make the meeting as they were still at one of the 3 schools within 5 miles of the planned Super-Circle, supposedly large enough to allow combines to navigate it. Considering a John Deere combine with head is 60 feet wide, that’s some circle. It also appeared by the State’s own diagram that Oak Ridge LLC was being provided, at taxpayer expense, it’s personal paved and curbed entrance into a empty cow pasture. Paved, curbed, drainage leveled and sown with grass? For a pasture? Why you may ask. To allow one or two vehicles smooth access to the pasture. It could be argued it is for improving private land for future sale to another company. A wine and beer store perhaps. Who knows. Whatever, these things have and are coming, for better or worse.

Ben Stansberry