Letter to the editor

To the editor,

It has come to our attention that Waste Site #6, on Speer Bridge Road is proposed to be moved to a new site on the same road, at the location of the former “Madd Plants” business. There are several valid reasons to oppose such a move:

1. The proposed location is adjacent to several residential properties, and in at least one case the adjoining property owner’s house would be within 100 feet of the waste site.

2. The relocation of Waste Site #6 would devalue the values of nearby properties.

3. Trash and debris from the site cannot be kept from being blown to nearby properties, requiring the owners to constantly clear such trash from their own land.

4. The waste site would entail an increase in traffic in close proximity to family residences, affecting not only the comfort and peace of mind, but the safety of the residents as well.

5. As occurs at many of these sites, some of those leaving their household and other garbage there are likely to be careless in depositing it in the provided receptacles, causing even more unsightly pollution of the adjacent properties by windblown trash.

6. This community is a close-knit, family-oriented area with strong ties to the land. The relocation of Waste Site #6 to what is technically their back yard is considered by the residents an imposition on them by the county government without consideration of their best interests.

Thank you,

Carolyn J. Scott