Rams drive in late runs for 9-6 win

Staff Report

ELKIN — The Starmount Rams traveled to Elkin last week to take part in a vital Mountain Valley Athletic Conference game. Elkin had an early lead over the Rams, but the sixth inning saw Starmount come out swinging to take the lead and ultimately the win. The Rams were able to put down seven runs in the sixth and two runs in the seventh to take a 9-6 win over Elkin.

It took two innings for the Buckin’ Elks and the Rams to get runners on base. In the first inning, fielder for both sides put down impressive innings as both teams went three-up three-down. Starmount was able to put a runner on base in the second inning, as Ryan Tulbert was walked, but they were unable to bring him around the bases.

In the bottom of the second inning, Elkin turned up its momentum in the batter’s box. Coy Yarboro started things off with a single to center field for the first Elkin runner of the night. Wyatt Jester was able to advance Yarboro around the bases as he found a hit to center field. Tyler Wood was able to load the bases for Elkin, as he was walked. With two outs on the board, Brady Shugart was walked to bring in a run for the Buckin’ Elks. The final run in the second inning came as Colt Henderson was walked on his at-bat. After two compete innings, Elkin had a 2-0 lead over Starmount.

Starmount was able to get its bats going in the third inning, but the runs were unable to find a way across home plate. The Rams loaded the bases with no outs on the board. Elkin was able to put down an impressive defensive stance to keep the runners at bay and keep the score 2-0.

Elkin kept things going in the third inning as Hayden Brooks stepped up and knocked a hard hit ball into center field for a triple. Yarboro was able to bring Brooks across the plate on the next at-bat, as he put down a double into left field. Yarboro was brought into score for Elkin’s fourth run of the night, as Wood singled to the shortstop.

The Buckin’ Elks put down two runs to take a 4-0 lead. In the bottom of the fifth, Elkin brought an additional run across the plate as Yarboro brought Brooks into score. Elkin was sitting comfortably with a 5-0 lead heading into the sixth inning.

Things took a turn in the top of the sixth inning, as Starmount started to take the momentum back for the Buckin’ Elks. Dawson Smith singled to right field to bring Ethan Barnes in for the the Rams first run of the night. With the bases loaded, Tulbert stole home on a wild pitch for the second Starmount run of the inning. Peyton Mullins brought in the third run of the inning, as he hit a ball to shortstop to bring Shugart across the plate.

The inning kept going Starmount’s way, as Patrick Usher grounded into a fielder’s choice which saw Dillon Draughn score. With two outs on the board, Starmount kept hitting the ball and were able to load the bases. The Rams tied the game as Barnes was hit by a pitch, then took the lead as Tulbert singled and Usher scored. Starmount was able to bring in a seventh run as Brock Mullins scored for the Rams. When the sixth inning was over, Starmount had a put down a successful inning to take a 7-5 lead over Elkin.

Elkin was able to get back one run in the sixth inning, Brooks singled to center field to bring Henderson in. Starmount wasn’t done with its impressive comeback, as the Rams scored its final two runs in the seventh inning. Usher singled on a line drive to center field to bring Draughn and Trey Dezern in for the eighth and ninth runs of the night. Elkin was able to put two runners on base in the bottom of the seventh inning, but the Buckin’ Elks were unable to bring in any additional runs. After a hard fought seven innings, Starmount had taken a 9-6 MVAC win over Elkin.

With the win, Starmount moves to 8-9 overall and 6-4 in the MVAC. Elkin moves to 4-10 overall and 4-6 in the MVAC.

MVAC baseball standings (as of April 16):

West Wilkes 9-1

East Wilkes 7-3

Starmount 6-4

Wilkes Central 5-5

Elkin 4-6

Alleghany 4-6

North Wilkes 4-6

Ashe County 1-9

Staff Report