Forbush falls 85-64 in WPAC game

By Kristian Russell -
Lance Kennedy had 17 points and four rebounds for the Falcons on Friday night. - Kristian Russell | Yadkin Ripple

EAST BEND — On Friday night, the Forbush Falcons hosted Senior Night as it took on a powerhouse Walkertown team in East Bend. Forbush has shown that its record doesn’t always reflect the way it plays, and when faced with a team like Walkertown, the Falcons put up a fight. The Wolfpack were able to push back against a strong Falcons team, as Walkertown took an 85-64 Western Piedmont Athletic Conference win over Forbush.

Walkertown was able to take an early 10-0 lead over the Falcons in the first two minutes of the game. The Falcons started to crawl out of the hole as Sinjun Southard broke the drought with a two-point shot from the key. Forbush was able to capitalize on the shot and turn up its momentum. Samuel Crews knocked in a three-pointer to cut Walkertown’s lead in half, 10-5. Forbush was able to put pressure on the Wolfpack, and allowed them zero points in two minutes. The Falcons pulled within three points as Southard put up another shot and made the game 10-7.

Walkertown was able to reverse the tide as it went on a scoring run and held Forbush to just one basket. Walkertown’s Jalen Cone is well known for averaging over 30 points a game and throwing down impressive dunks for someone coming in at just 5’8”. As the first quarter was winding down, Cone showed just how impressive his hops are, as he slammed a dunk for a 19-13 scoreline.

The Falcons didn’t let the dunk throw them off their game as Southard dropped a three-pointer, then Crews put up a three-pointer to tie the game 19-19. As time ran down, Walkertown put up a lay-up to take a 21-19 lead heading into the second quarter.

Forbush and Walkertown kept battling through the first three minutes of the second period. Lance Kennedy showed off his own skills as he stole the ball and came up on a Walkertown defender. Kennedy acted like he was going one direction then changed back the opposite way and made the Wolfpack player fall down. It was a moment that put the Forbush fans on their feet and made the game 24-23.

Walkertown was able to keep its lead over the Falcons at the end of the half, but the Falcons didn’t go quietly into the locker room. With 0.8 seconds left on the clock, Landon Rockett set up on the perimeter and knocked in a three-point shot to cut Walkertown’s lead to just seven points.

Halftime seemed to benefit the Wolfpack more-so than the Falcons. Walkertown outscored Forbush 30-19 in the third quarter to take a 67-49 lead. In the final quarter, Forbush kept battling to tie the game but the Wolfpack had a strong game plan. Walkertown held on to take an 85-64 WPAC win over the Falcons.

Forbush moves to 6-15 overall, and 2-8 in the WPAC.

Forbush stats:

23-46 in field goals, 12-19 in three point attempts, 6-7 in free throws, 18 rebounds, 64 points

L. Kennedy – 17 points and 4 rebounds

S. Southard – 16 points and 1 rebound

S. Crews – 12 points and 1 rebound

J. Allred – 12 points and 6 rebounds

L. Rockett – 5 points and 1 rebound

J. Thompson – 2 points

J. Hall – 4 rebounds

A. Boyles – 1 rebound

Lance Kennedy had 17 points and four rebounds for the Falcons on Friday night. Kennedy had 17 points and four rebounds for the Falcons on Friday night. Kristian Russell | Yadkin Ripple
Falcons try to overcome powerhouse Walkertown

By Kristian Russell