Mallory Fobes earns her fourth title in the Winternational golf series

Staff Report

PINEHURST — Recent history of the Winternationals would have forecasted February not to be a kind month to the high-school-aged boys and girls competing on the course. Frigid temperatures or snow and ice have plagued the series during the second month of the year, however, this time the weather was perfect for the contestants.

Forbush High School’s Malory Fobes keeps adding wins to her impressive résumé as she now has a total score of 600. After five events, Fobes has out played her competitor at each stop. The next closest competitor has a score of 312.5, which is almost half of Fobes’ score. Over Feb. 18 and 19, Fobes kept up her winning ways as she won the Winternationals event on Pinehurst No. 1 and No. 2.

In the Girls Division, Fobes cemented her Player of the Year distinction in the 2016-2017 series. Fobes shot a 168 for a five-shot victory over Michaela Cox of Greensboro.

The Winternational Junior Series will hold its eighth and final event on March 4-5, which will take place on Pinehurst No. 5.

Staff Report