Starmount marketing class helps out chamber of commerce

By JoJo Welborn - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

BOONVILLE — Marketing teacher Melanie Matthews describes what’s going on in her Sports Marketing class as a “team-up with the chamber of commerce to keep jobs in Yadkin County.”

Two students, Henry Stone and Evan Stinson, have been working hard on different marketing campaigns, such as billboards, commercials and videos. At the time of the interview, they were working on a video for local winery RagApple Lassie.

Stinson said, “We need a video that really sells the idea because too many people are trying to find work outside of Yadkin County when there’s really a whole lot of companies who could take new workers today.”

PVH could hire 100 workers today. Other companies like Lydall and Unifi also have positions of some sort open.

Stone said, “Helping out companies like this not only helps them bring in more workers, but employees also don’t have to move away to look for jobs that can be found around here.”

With help from this class and these students, the Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce can further the interests of these local companies.

JoJo Welborn is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.

By JoJo Welborn

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

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