Preventing thefts on campus

By Wesley Warden - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

EAST BEND — When one hears about a robbery, he typically thinks of a home or business robbery. But does anyone ever wonder what would happen if someone broke into a school? Or if someone stole a student’s Chromebook on the bus?

It sounds like it would never happen, but it always helps to have a plan. As for breaking into the school, the first step to prevention is cameras. Cameras outside school buildings help to identify those who are on the school grounds who are not supposed to be. Also, there is an alarm at the school, to dissuade any would be robbers or thieves. The alarm notifies the authorities, and it’s highly unlikely that thieves would get away with anything.

One of the things that has the highest probability of being stolen is a Chromebook. What can a student do if his or her Chromebook is stolen? Forbush librarian Mrs. Frazier provided some answers.

First step is to report that the Chromebook is stolen. Nothing can be done if no one knows it’s gone. Then she says she contacts the county office, which then locks both the device and Google account. She then described a process known as pinging, where the county office can track the Chromebook via GPS. That location is turned over to the authorities, where the law can take it from there.

In another part of the school, the band room probably has the highest amount of valuables, filled with thousand-dollar instruments. So, Forbush’s band director was asked if there was any kind of protection against stolen instruments. He says that he doesn’t think there is insurance. But the doors stay locked and also protected by the alarms and cameras.

Wesley Warden is a senior of Forbush High School as well as Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism.

By Wesley Warden

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

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