Rams Regiment provides for library

By Christy Rucker - For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

BOONVILLE — At Starmount High School, the Ram Regiment is renowned for its impeccable musical abilities. It’s won countless awards for its talent in sound and song, and is always expected to bring some extra energy for the fans at every Friday night football game. This year, the SHS Band exceeded just its musical genius.

Erin Haley, the band director, decided to deviate from the regular days of strict routines and training; the band wanted to give something back to the school other than just its melodious music. It took time for the band members to decide where they should focus their good intentions, but once the media center was suggested, there was no disagreement. They all knew that “it doesn’t get a lot of funds” and that it simply wasn’t fair. Once the decision was made, their “service project” began.

Sarah Staffer helped to organize their fundraisers, but the work was shared by all members. Days were spent trying to call friends and family to raise enough money. Each person they reached was given an option of buying a $20 gift card that they could keep or donate to the cause. Fortunately, most people had caught onto the same spirit of giving of the band during this holiday season.

By Dec. 16, the band had exceeded its goal of $1,000. They marched into the library, gift cards in hand, ready to offer the gift. The new librarian, Mrs. Bowser, accepted the gift with both surprise and excitement. When asked for her thoughts on the matter, she replied that she was completely “overwhelmed.” Later she recalled feeling that “it was Christmas early.”

While there has always been reason for the Starmount students to be proud of their band, this act of kindness only encourages such feelings. During a season where gifts are so commonly received, the band was willing to be the first to give.

Christy Rucker is a senior member of SHS Journalism Club and the Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism.

By Christy Rucker

For The Tribune and Yadkin Ripple

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