Forbush raising money for March of Dimes

By Alexis Hobson - For The Yadkin Ripple

The March of Dimes organization was founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 with a dream to cure polio. It originated as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, however, after the vaccination for polio was created by Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk, the foundation expanded its focus to the prevention of birth defects, infant mortality and prematurity.

While the March of Dimes foundation is national, Forbush High School is doing its own part in raising money and awareness. Being that it is a nonprofit organization, it takes donations wherever it can get them. At Forbush, teachers are participating by paying a dollar for every Monday they wear jeans.

The fundraiser lasts five Mondays so some teachers who prefer wearing their comfy jeans over dress pants can wear them for five straight Mondays. They call this the “Monday Blues.”

Wearing jeans is only a small part of it. Students in the Foods class are making cupcakes and selling them on Fridays and donating the proceeds to the March of Dimes.

Cupcakes aren’t the only desserts Forbush is selling. Students also can pay $5 per pie to smash into their teacher’s face with proceeds again being donated to the March of Dimes.

Sweets, sweets, sweets galore, the entrepreneurship class students at Forbush are turning the tables and becoming entrepreneurs themselves instead of just learning about them. CH Cafe is sponsoring the March of Dimes foundation by making a signature smoothie drink called “March of Dimes” and selling it to the students and faculty and donating it to the foundation.

Change makes change is a big motto at Forbush during this campaign, students in their first period are donating change in order to win free Bojangle’s. The March of Dimes foundation will hopefully continue to prosper and research more and more making a cure for every disease and making life easier for both baby and mother.

Alexis Hobson is a junior at Forbush High School.

By Alexis Hobson

For The Yadkin Ripple

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