SASI completes a kindness project

By Lauren Holowiti - For The Yadkin Ripple

Forbush High School has many, many clubs to offer to its very involved students. “SASI” is one of those clubs, but it’s much more than just another club to put down on your college applications.

The acronym SASI stands for “Student Athletes Summer Institute.” Members of this club attend a summer camp in June at Elon University. While there, the students build their leadership skills and get to befriend fellow student athletes.

Every year during the school year, the students of SASI take on a project to work on throughout the academic school year. This year they participated in a campus kindness project. In this project, teachers were challenged to tell a student that they are “important, inspiring, appreciated, and the reason why they come to work every day.”

Teachers were told to pick a student that made the many hours and challenges they face in this profession, all worth it. The athletes of SASI caught these heartwarming moments on video and put it all together to touch others hearts as well. So far more than 600 people have seen this positive movement made at Forbush in the past couple of months on YouTube.

The members of SASI hope that this movement will spread and make the school environment more promising and comfortable for students knowing that they are important. This movement helps build a positive bridge and relationship between teacher and students, which will never be forgotten. To see the video, search “FHS SASI Kindness Project” on YouTube.

By Lauren Holowiti

For The Yadkin Ripple

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