A note from the student editor: a senior year perspective

By JoJo Welborn - For The Tribune and The Yadkin Ripple

We made it. Well, almost.

At the beginning of this year, I felt the excitement that only a senior could feel. In the past, I simply experienced the same sort of indifference for the first day of school, but this year was different as I knew that in nine months I’d accept my diploma and start a new chapter of my life.

I’ll be honest: this year was the most stressful year of my high school career. Juniors, don’t worry so much over the SAT and ACT. Despite those important tests, you will still need to conserve your energy for the tasks of senior year.

A typical day for me included hardly any free time, and I always had something that I needed to get done. I had to learn how to balance my schoolwork with after school practices, extracurricular activities, club projects and services, volunteer opportunities, college applications, scholarships, scholarships, and even more scholarships, all while remembering to keep up with a social life.

It was all worth it, though. There is no feeling quite like the sigh of relief after meeting a deadline. Each assignment, each application, and each goal I met reminded me that I was one step closer to the ultimate deadline: graduation day. If it seems overwhelming, take it a day at a time; it’ll be over before you know it.

Try not to get too caught up in your work, as well. I see people all around me who worry too much about the school admissions, majors to study, volunteer hour requirements, and college classes. Those who are so focused on college life, well, they forget to live in the moment.

This is senior year! Take it as an opportunity to try new things as much as possible. Who knows? You might find a new hobby that you’ll enjoy! If you pass up these experiences now, the window of opportunity may close, and you’ll only think to yourself, “I really wish I did…”

My advice for future seniors is to try to remember your high school experience in a positive light. You’ve been shaped as a person by this establishment, both by the good aspects and bad influences of high school life. Try your best to learn from your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Don’t take this school for granted, either. In the future, you’re going to find yourself in a new world, and you’re going to wish that you had this school — your comfort zone — to run back to at times. However, we need to be prepared to leave for this new chapter, but that doesn’t mean that we should leave our Ram memories behind.

Seniors, we have less than a month. We’re practically adults now, but we still have a lot of growing to do. I hope that we have propitious futures and that we take our experiences with us throughout the entirety of our lives. We’ll all go our separate ways after graduation, but we need to remember to cherish the moment, think positively, and most importantly, never stop learning.

JoJo Welborn is a member of the SHS journalism club and a student of the Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism.

By JoJo Welborn

For The Tribune and The Yadkin Ripple